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Filming Regulations and Guidelines


Special effects sequences, depending on their nature and scope, may require specific permits and/or permissions from the state, its counties or municipalities.

Effects using explosives must be performed by an effects coordinator who is LICENSED TO USE EXPLOSIVES IN THE STATE OF NEW JERSEY. Advanced inspection of a given site by the local utility companies may also be necessary in some cases.

Pyrotechnical effects must be performed in cooperation with local fire department officials, who may inspect designated location sites and materials to be used. In certain instances, permission from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection must also be granted.


Although working automatic and semi-automatic weapons are illegal in New Jersey, provision has been made for the use of theatrical firearms of every variety. A permit must be obtained from the New Jersey State Police in order to use or transport such theatrical firearms in the state.

Out-of-state permits are not valid.

In addition, specific information about the firearms and the parties responsible for them must be provided to both the New Jersey State Police and to the local police in the jurisdiction where said weapons are to be used.

Consult the New Jersey Motion Picture and Television Commission for further information.