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New Jersey's Online Business Registration Service enables you to apply for a Federal Employer ID Number (FEIN) and register your business for taxes and employer contributions for unemployment and disability, online. You can also obtain temporary certificates of authority for sales tax online by registering at this site.

Click on the link below in order to fill out the electronic form:

How To Receive A New Jersey Certificate of Authority
CALL 609-292-1730  for additional information.

In the state of New Jersey to receive a Certificate of Authority you must first have a Corporate ID # as well as a Federal Tax Id #. This can be obtained by first registering your business entity, and then registering for tax and employer purposes. After you have completed these:

" If you have indicated on your Application for Business Registration that you will be collecting sales tax, remitting use tax, or using New Jersey Exemption Certificates, the State of New Jersey will send you a New Jersey Certificate of Authority for sales tax. This is your permit to collect sales tax, and to issue and receive exemption certificates. The New Jersey Certificate of Authority must be displayed at your place of business."

1. Go to
2. Select Registrations – located under the "NJ Division of Revenue" header
3. Select Registering Your Business
4. On that page there will be a step 1 and a step 2
5. **General partnerships and sole proprietors can skip step 1.**
6. STEP 1 – Registering New Business Entities
7. STEP 2 – Registering All Businesses for Tax & Employer Purposes
8. Under step 2 click the word registration(which will be linked to allow you to register online)
9. On that page click get started
10. Then select register a Business Entity and click continue
11. This is the first page in a series of three that will facilitate in obtaining the certificate
12. PAGE 1: Fill in both 10 digit id as well as FEIN click submit
13. PAGE 2: It will take you to another page – on that page hit "click here"
14. PAGE 3: Gives you the NJ-REG Form
15. On the NJ –REG form "Business Registration Application" Be sure to indicate that you will be collecting sales tax, remitting use tax, or using New Jersey Exemption Certificates- in order to receive your certificate.
16. After the third page is completed and submitted the next page will take you to a confirmation screen
17. Certificate of authority will be mailed