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What is AmeriCorps?

Americorps LogoOverview of the AmeriCorps Education Award
AmeriCorps is the National Service Program that provides Americans of all ages and backgrounds with an opportunity to earn education awards in exchange for community service. The AmeriCorps commitment is a one or two-year obligation in which members help meet the nation’s critical needs in areas of public safety, education, human needs, and the environment. Through more than 600 sponsors, AmeriCorps unites diverse Americans through the pledge "Getting Things Done". Over 100,000 AmeriCorps members have served their communities since 1994. Currently more than 500 members serve in New Jersey communities.

What Do AmeriCorps Members Do?
AmeriCorps members take action and find solutions to address community needs. AmeriCorps members share their talents and energy to make a difference in our neighborhoods. These services include the following: tutoring students; assisting with law officials; cleaning up rivers and streams; providing safe places for children after school; teaching parenting skills; aiding with home renovation and construction; caring for the homeless, terminally ill, disabled, and mentally ill; responding to medical calls; and recruiting volunteers to ensure continued dedication.

What Benefits Do AmeriCorps Members Receive?
AmeriCorps members receive a modest living allowance and health coverage throughout the duration of their service. After completing a year of service (at least 1,700 hours) each member will receive an education award of $4,725. This award can be used to help pay off student loans or to finance college, graduate school or vocational training. Beyond these benefits, each AmeriCorps member will gain hands-on experience, accept new fulfilling responsibilities, and be able to understand the satisfaction of building a community and enriching our nation. Click here to find out more about the education award.

Each year, more than 75,000 Americans are serving as AmeriCorps members in more than 600 programs nationwide. AmeriCorps members are united by four common goals:

  1. Getting Things Done—AmeriCorps members achieve real results that help solve community problems in the areas of education, public safety, environment, and other human needs.
  2. Strengthening Communities—AmeriCorps brings together people of all ages and backgrounds in the common effort to improve our communities. AmeriCorps members recruit volunteers and encourage partnerships among community organizations to expand their impact.
  3. Encouraging Responsibility—AmeriCorps enables members to explore and exercise their responsibilities toward their communities, their families, and themselves.
  4. Expanding Opportunity—AmeriCorps enhances members’ educational opportunities and life-skills.

The AmeriCorps Ethic
The centerpiece of the AmeriCorps ethic is getting things done—improving communities by helping solve problems in the areas of education, public safety, the environment, and other human needs. The other key aspects of the ethic are to strengthen communities and develop members’ opportunities and civic responsibility.