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Center for Hispanic Policy, Research and Development
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The CHPRD hosts and at times partners with public and private entities to conduct various training workshops to increase the capacity of Hispanic led, non-profits and community-based organizations to serve New Jersey’s Hispanic residents.

The CHPRD’s Training and Technical Assistance workshops focuses on providing further development in the delivery of services. Its through these Training and Technical assistance sessions, the CHPRD is able to assure quality technical assistance and training in the areas of financial management, board development, and strategic planning.

For more information, please contact the CHPRD at (609)943-4990.



Resource Library and Data Bank

The CHPRD conducts and supports research on Hispanic issues and has an active role in policy development regarding the fastest growing minority group in New Jersey and the nation.

The CHPRD plans to enhance and update its resource library/data bank, which contains data and pertinent materials on the status of Hispanics in New Jersey and the nation. This library will be the central repository of data on the Hispanic community. The CHPRD’s library will maintain relevant information for the primary purpose of advocacy and policy recommendations as well as public education.

Reports issued by the CHPRD:

  • April 1997, The Past Informs the Future, A Historical Perspective on the CHPRD.
  • August 1993, Status Report on Hispanic Initiatives
  • May 1993, State of Affairs of Latinos in New Jersey