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The Governor’s Office on Volunteerism Survey of Partnerships Between New Jersey’s Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations

Partnerships between businesses and non-profit organizations are an important component of community service in New Jersey. “Business engagement (BE) programs” take many forms, including but not limited to companies’ endorsement or support of volunteer work undertaken by their employees, organized donation of free labor and skills-based assistance, mentor programs, company-wide drives, and other endeavors intended to benefit nonprofit organizations and further their missions.

These programs not only aid the non-profit organizations, but also confer benefits to the businesses themselves and their employees. It is an important and growing component of community service and volunteerism. Recognizing this, The Governor’s Office on Volunteerism and the Governor’s Advisory Council on Volunteerism undertook a survey of the status of these partnerships. We sought to identify trends, concerns, issues and areas where assistance can be provided to enhance and facilitate these partnerships.

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