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Trenton Digital Initiative

Getting Computers to Trenton Families In Need

Trenton Digital Initiative Getting Computers to Trenton Families In NeedThe Trenton Digital Initiative (TDI) empowers families and individuals by distributing free computers and providing low-cost, high-speed Internet access to Trenton residents in need.  Computer training, and other important skills, are also provided.  Approximately 10,000 Trenton families either do not own a computer or do not have access to one.  To date, over 600 computers have been delivered to individuals and families in Trenton and more are on their way. 
TDI is a program within Mercer Street Friends, and a partnership between Trenton Rotary, Mid Jersey Chamber of Commerce, UWGMC and Hamilton Area YMCA.  They refurbish donated computers, which the recipients then own, and provide and connect the computers to the Internet under a special plan offered by Comcast.  Through this plan, Comcast provides Internet access for only $9.95/month to qualified recipients.  Payment can be provided by a Trenton Rotary program for the first year of service.  Mercer Street Friends provides training to computer recipients, including job search skills, homework assistance, and support at home.

TDI is currently seeking donations of Windows/PC that are no longer being used.  These donations are tax deductible.  All donated computers will be completely wiped clean and restored with a new operating system, including a word processor, spreadsheet program, presentation program and Firefox, all compatible with Microsoft Office.  Volunteers with IT expertise are welcome to assist with this process.
This is an ongoing program – as long as they get in computer donations they will refurbish and distribute. One goal is to provide one to every household in Trenton who doesn’t have one.

Next steps: In a related program, the United Way of Greater Mercer County, in partnership with Scholastic and the National Association of Elementary School Principals, has developed an in-school internet reading program called Club Connect/Reading Oasis for kids grades K-3 in schools in Trenton and the entire Mercer County area.  TDI will provide computers to those students in the program who would not otherwise have access so they may fully benefit from the Club Connect/Reading Oasis program.

For information about TDI, please contact:

Dave Zboray
Mercer Street Friends
609-278-5513 (office)
609-468-1757 (cell)