Public Payroll

This payroll data for public employees is updated quarterly and displayed by calendar year. It includes Executive Branch departments, the Legislature, the Judiciary and independent authorities. Employees on leave are also listed, though they may not have received State or authority pay during all or part of the year.

YourMoney.NJ provides payroll data in several ways: through a dynamic, searchable online query engine, in prepared reports stored in Adobe PDF format, and as a raw data file in the comma-separated value (CSV) format used by Excel.

Online Query Engine

The Online Query Engine displays the annual salary and the regular earnings for the calendar year to date. YourMoney.NJ also includes overtime payments, other miscellaneous payments, the agency where the person works, the job title, and, if the worker is in a union, the bargaining unit. You can search and/or sort on employee name, title, agency, bargaining unit, salary, or overtime.

Note: Some information in certain state law enforcement employees' payroll checks are confidential and exempt from disclosure under the New Jersey Open Public Records Act pursuant to N.J.S.A. 47:1A-9 and regulations adopted by the Attorney General at N.J.A.C. 13:1E-3.2 Therefore, the confidential data has been removed from the salary information provided on this website.

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