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Public and Private Dredged Material Management Strategies: A Case Study Economic Analysis


Results Summary

The case studies demonstrated that while the maritime industries in the large harbors provide sufficient economic benefits to justify continuation of dredging and dredge material management, the increasing costs cause significant hardship to small marina owners. Potential solutions vary from location to location and in accordance with project specifics. A flexible dredged material management strategy that considers the wide variation in dredged management characteristics as well as the wide variation in projects and project sponsors was identified as the best possible solution.

Recommendations to promote beneficial use applications have been developed. Recommendations range from the development of Regional Staging and Processing Facilities to serve multiple end users to enacting legislation to provide incentives for use of dredged material in lieu of virgin material.


A report, Public and Private Dredged Material Management Strategies in New Jersey: A Case Study Economic Analysis (pdf 19.7m) is now available. This report includes an analysis of case studies of dredged material management in New Jersey as outlined below. 


Economic Analysis is the piece that completes the state's channel dredged material planning process. Dredged material management is a major challenge along New Jersey's state navigation channels. There is a pervasive concern that the volume of dredged material from both public and private dredging projects exceeds available placement options, although there is currently no way to quantify this deficiency. The New Jersey Department of Transportation's Office of Maritime Resources (NJDOT/OMR) is developing the Sustainable Capacity Material Management Plan (SCMMP) to assist in dredged material management from public and private dredging projects in and along New Jersey's State navigation channels. The purpose of this Economic Analysis is to decrease dredging costs, improve material management procedures, and to identify cost-efficient dredged material management options for New Jersey’s “lesser quantity” dredged material generators.

New Jersey's dredging projects, material management, and placement options include a wide variety of regional issues that make economic analysis of the process challenging. Throughout the state, sediments vary and in some regions this may limit beneficial use applications and increase disposal costs. Local political and social issues and shoreline development also vary throughout the state and limit the availability of placement sites or management ability. Therefore, variability in cost and challenges associated with individual and grouped dredging projects necessitates analyzing several case studies to evaluate the economics of dredged material management in the state.

Case studies were selected based on known dredging difficulties, geography, site-specific factor, and the characteristics of the dredged material on site, among other things. The selected case study sites are:

  • The Cape May Region
  • Palmyra Cove Confined Disposal Facility (CDF)
  • Upper Barnegat (Marina)
  • Upper Manasquan (Marina)
  • Delran/Dredge Harbor

The purpose of the case study analyses is to determine the costs and benefits of material management for the varying conditions in New Jersey and to develop implementation strategies for the most cost-effective plan for each case study. The implementation strategies developed during the analysis can be used as a template to develop material management strategies in other areas of the state. Such analysis of the cost-benefit relationships of dredging projects is a visionary approach to material management that is necessary to ensure the safety and navigability of New Jersey's State waterways.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files which is available at our state Adobe Acrobat Access page.

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