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Forms and Guidance

I BOAT NJ graphicBudget Template
Many applicants have requested guidance on how to prepare/present a project budget. The proposed budget must display the costs associated with the project in a format that is clear and consistent with other projects under review. Moreover, the final project budget will be utilized to cross-reference payment voucher invoices, therefore the Budget Items presented must match the items for which you plan to request payment. If you are unsure how to structure a budget spreadsheet, a template (xls, 56k) is provided as a guide. If your organization or company already uses a similarly structured budget, continue to use the format that works best for you.

W-9 Vendor Questionnaire
The State of New Jersey requires completion of a W-9 vendor questionnaire (pdf 733k) to verify/establish your name, address and taxpayer identification on state records. Completed forms should be mailed to:

New Jersey Department of Transportation
Office of Maritime Resources

1035 Parkway Avenue
Main Office Building, 3rd Floor

PO Box 600

Trenton, NJ  08625


Payment Vouchers
To ensure prompt payment of invoices, a State of New Jersey Payment Voucher/Vendor Invoice (doc 119k) must be complete and accurate when submitted to the New Jersey Department of Transportation's Office of Maritime Resources (NJDOT/OMR) for reimbursement. Areas of the Payment Voucher (PV-C), that must be filled out are shaded in light gray and payee instructions to help with filling out the form are on page two.   The “Payee Name and Address” listed on the Voucher MUST match the exact name and address listed on the applicant’s W-9 (Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification Form). The name of the project and the Cycle in which you received the award MUST be on all paperwork that is submitted. The Agreement Date must also be filled in. The Agreement Date is the date of final execution of your Memorandum of Agreement (MOA).

In addition to a properly completed voucher, the following items must also be included:

Proof of payment is mandatory. Be sure to submit copies of paid receipts, invoices, invoices received from a project contractor(s), subcontractor(s) and/or vendor(s), affidavits and/or cancelled checks as applicable, along with a typed or clearly written itemization of what has been paid versus the approved project budget. The itemization can be listed in the section of the Voucher marked Commodity Code/Description of Item or typed on a separate piece of paper. The I BOAT NJ project manager should be able to easily cross-reference expenses with the approved project budget. If the back-up you provide is unclear, difficult to follow and/or does not clearly match up with the total amount requested, your package will be returned.  Margin notes for explanation on the backup can be quite helpful in avoiding a rejection.

A Progress Report is required with each Payment Voucher. Project Reports are separate from the detail on the voucher, and must include a description of work effort covered by the specific invoice, including an updated project schedule (if appropriate) and a summary of successes or set-backs. Progress Reports should be specific to the time period addressed in the payment voucher and are not interchangeable with the Standard Performance Reports due May 1st and September 1st. As a guideline, Progress Reports might be about one to two paragraphs in length. If no work has taken place on your project, you must submit a Progress Report that states the reason why the project has not commenced and the anticipated project start date.

A Project Expenditure Summary is also required with each Payment Voucher. These summaries detail the amount of money available for each task and subtask, and the amount of money being requested from each task or subtask in the current invoice, the percentage of the project that remains to be invoiced, and the percentage that is financially complete. Any other financial information that will assist in the review of your invoice can be added in the summary (for example, hours spent by employees per task). Examples of expenditure summaries are available for consultants (pdf 11k) and marinas (pdf 12k).

Final Invoice
A Final Performance Report should accompany, or be received prior to the date of, a final invoice request. The final project invoice must be clearly marked FINAL INVOICE, with a final invoice statement (doc 22k).  Proof of the project match contribution must be provided under separate cover at the same time. Awardees should review the project MOA at this time to be sure that the Term of the Agreement is noted and Annual Reporting requirements are upheld. 

Project/Agreement Close-Out Process
A Project Close-Out Checklist (doc 484k) is available and must be submitted with the Final Performance Report. The project will be considered final and final payment will be executed upon:

  • completion and acceptance of the project by the applicant;
  • final review of the project by New Jersey Department of Transportation's Office of Maritime Resources (NJDOT/OMR) staff;
  • proven project match contribution (paid receipts, paid invoices, canceled checks and/or affidavits of work completed);
  • receipt of a Final Performance Report. Color photos must be a part of the Final Report.
  • a final site visit, if appropriate, will be conducted to verify completeness of the project to ensure funds were expended in accordance with the Proposal, project selection letter, final budget, scope of work and related materials.
Final Budget
A final project budget narrative should clearly identify the total anticipated cost of the project, the I BOAT NJ request, the partner/match contribution and how the match will be documented. Any cost differential from the original proposal should be explained.

Invoiced items will be matched against the final project budget in order to process reimbursement paperwork. A clear breakdown of tasks and any sub-tasks, specifically those that will be invoiced, must be provided.  The budget template provided above may be a useful guide.  

An applicant may also want to review the State of New Jersey Payment Voucher (PV) guidelines prior to budget development.   PVs (and required back-up) that cannot be easily matched against the final project budget will be returned.

Audit Requirements
For all grant recipients who expend $100,000 or more, but less than $500,000 within their fiscal year, the funds recipient shall comply with the State of New Jersey Single Audit Policy defined by the Department of Treasury, Office of Management and Budget (OMB Circular 04-04), or as superseded, and the Single Audit Act of 1984, as amended (Federal OMB Circular A-133).

I BOAT NJ grantees may use a program-specific audit.  The State of New Jersey utilizes Subpart B–Audits, Section .235 (pdf 123k) of the Federal OMB Circular A-133 for Federal guidance of the program-specific audit.

Vendor Help
More information about Vendor Help is available to assist you in researching outstanding payment vouchers or other accounting related questions.  Marinas, non-profits, consultants and others doing business with the Office of Maritime Resources are all considered “Vendors” and/or “Consultants” for the purposes of the Division of Accounting.

Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) Extension Form
Projects that require an extension to the signed MOA may fill out and submit a MOA Extension Request form (doc 838k). You will be provided a copy of the completed form for your records.

Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) Resolution
All LLCs that apply for and receive an I BOAT NJ award need to provide a Current Resolution formalizing the signature authority for the LLC. Legal Delegation of Authority with a Notarized Seal must be received prior to the final execution of a MOA with NJDOT/OMR. Legal requirements for LLCs are outlined in an NJDOT guidance document (pdf 21k). This template Resolution (doc 25k) can be used by the LLC if they do not have a current protocol.

Scope of Work (SOW) Guidelines
In the proposal selection and grant administration process it is sometimes necessary to provide a Final SOW and budget for a selected project. If you are requested by the project manager to complete a Final SOW and budget, Guidelines (doc 485k) are available.

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