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I BOAT NJ graphic Project reporting is mandatory and essential to the success of grant administration.  Invoice packages will be held or may be returned if a grantee is not up-to-date with Reporting requirements.  Additionally, a Final Report must be received in advance of, or concurrent with, a Final Invoice Package. 

For all projects, Standard Performance Reports are due May 1st and September 1st. These reports may be submitted electronically as an e-mail or as an attachment, and should be no more than one (1) page, 12 font, in Word format. A few sentences to update us as to the status of your project are sufficient.

Annual Performance Reports are due no later than January 31st and are mandatory for the Term of an Agreement. The Term of an Agreement allows NJDOT/OMR to keep track of the value and success of the project over time. The Term is a date listed within the Memorandum of Agreement you signed. Annual Performance Reports should be 1-2 pages in length and must include the following:

  • a description of the actual accomplishments to date compared to the objectives established for that time period;
  • an explanation of the reason(s) for any failure to meet established objectives;
  • overall project successes and accomplishments;
  • an explanation for any cost overruns or project delays if applicable;
  • identification of new or successful partnerships;
  • color photos;
  • proof of match contributions;
  • an update of the quantifiable objectives as outlined in the project SOW;
  • a description of any additional pertinent information; and
  • the percentage of the project that is complete should be discussed.
If no work has taken place on your project, you must still submit a Report that states the reason why the project has not commenced and the anticipated project start date.

A Final Performance Report is due no later than 60 days after the projected completion date listed in the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), or as requested in a project extension. Final Performance Reports must include all the information outlined above for an Annual Report, but be based on the entirety of the project. A Final Performance Report should accompany or be received prior to the date of the final invoice. The project will be considered final and final payment will be executed upon:

  • completion and acceptance of project by the applicant;
  • final review of the project by New Jersey Department of Transportation's Office of Maritime Resources (NJDOT/OMR) staff;
  • proven project match contribution (paid receipts, paid invoices, canceled checks and/or affidavits of work completed);
  • receipt of a Final Performance Report.  Color photos should be a part of, or accompany, the Final Report.
  • Written notification is required to notify NJDOT/OMR that the project is complete. A final site visit, if appropriate, will be conducted to verify completeness of the project to ensure funds were expended in accordance with the Proposal, project selection letter, final budget, scope of work and related materials.
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