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Professional Services
Question and Answer
For Current Technical Proposals

Email question(s) to PSPD@dot.state.nj.us, attention Manager of Professional Services, Procurement.

Specify "TP # 939 question" in subject line. Email is now the preferred method of answering consultant's questions. It will expedite processing the request and posting the response. If your firm does not have access to email, you may fax your questions to 609-530-2212.

Questions will be accepted up to question cut-off date noted in the technical proposal.

Technical Proposal


Question 1: Who will be the project manager for this solicitation or the primary contact during the work performance? What will be the duration of the contract?"

Answer 1: The project manager will be John Knapp. The duration is a 2 year term agreement with an option for a 3rd year. This will be determined by FHWA.

Question 2: Please clarify: Are you seeking a PM and three Team Leaders or a PM and six Team Leaders.

Answer 2: A PM and three Team Leaders.

Question 3: Does a DBE firm [considered as subconsultant ] need to be prequalified with NJDOT and should the firm be listed on the NJDOT Professional Services website?

Answer 3: To be a subconsultant on a NJDOT project a firm must be Cost Basis Approved by the Department.

Question 4: In regards to the statement “Only one (1) technical proposal submission is allowed per firm (no teams) unless otherwise noted on page 1 of this solicitation”, I wanted a clarification to this scenario: Please confirm if we can we submit to this proposal as both a Prime and also serve as a sub-consultant on another Prime’s submission. Or if we must choose between the two.

Answer 4: The agreement will be with the "prime" consultant. Any subconsultants will be responsible to the prime. I see no reason why a firm can not be listed as a prime and a sub to another firm.

Question 5: The general instructions and the sample resume allude to “# of years” of experience for the Team Leader positions, with the sample resume showing five. However, the Evaluation does not make any indication of projects vs. # of years required for the first three Team Leader positions and the last three positions indicate “up to 6 projects.” Please clarify the resume requirements for each of the Team Leader Positions.

Answer 5: It should be 6 projects, within the past 5 years.

All experience should be submitted in number of years. The revised Evaluation Criteria and Sample Resume have been posted on the current solicitations page. The closing date has been extended to 5/30/13.

Question 6: The Survey Party Chief Team Leader Qualifications (Section 9) calls for “Prepared ROW Maps (ETM, GPPM, IPM) with Parcel Descriptions, Knowledge of NJ Map Filing Law”. The Survey Party Chiefs in our firm, and in normal practice, lead field survey parties and are not typically involved with the preparation of ROW Maps or Map Filing Law matters. This comment also applies to Survey Party Chief Team Leader Experience (Section 10), regarding experience for “develop ROW Plans”. These characteristics would more appropriately apply to the PLS Project Manager. Can these items be removed from the Survey Party Chief Team Leader Qualification and Experience areas?

Answer 6: The ROW Maps and Map Filing Law matters should be included under the Project Manager, not the Team Leader.

Question 7: The number of pages for the key issues on the evaluation sheet is 4 pages but the instructions say 3 pages for Term, 5 pages for design. How many pages for the key issues?

Answer 7: It should be THREE pages.

Question 8: Cover sheet refers to “CONSTRUCTION INSPECTION” Surveying Services Statewide”. Could you advise why is there a reference to “CONSTRUCTION INSPECTION”

Answer 8: There should be no reference to Construction Inspection. It should be Survey Services Statewide only.

Question 9:The tasks in the technical proposal include survey work that is at Level B and Level C. See on page 10 and page 11, Primary Control Surveys and GPS. The list of prequalified firms includes Level A prequalified firms. Will the Level A prequalified firms be required to meet Level B and Level C requirements, such as the Survey Manager needs to be a NJSPLS with a minimum of 5 years of experience ? Will the party chief be required to meet the criteria of Level B and C tasks when performing these tasks?

Answer 9: Submitting firms should meet the requirements on the evaluation criteria. The awarded firm will perform the work described in the Scope, which will require Primary Control Surveys and GPS.

Question 10: We understand that the resumes for the team leaders are 6 projects within the last 5 years but should the PM be a resume by years showing at least 5 years of experience or the same, 6 projects within the last 5 years?

Answer 10: The PM should show a minimum of 5 years experience, by months/years.

Question 11: The instructions specify a one page cover letter. We were going to list equipment and such in that letter but then it would be more than one page. Should we submit our list as a separate document in order to keep the cover letter to one page?

Answer 11: The equipment can be listed separately.

Question 12: If a firm isn’t prequalified in the NJDOT S-1 Category, but is a certified DBE, can it be utilized as a subconsultant to fulfill the DBE goal stated in TP-937?

Answer 12: If a firm is not prequalified as an S-1 firm, then the sub must be cost basis approved to perform work for the state. In addition, the firm must perform the work under the supervision of the prime which is prequalified.

Question 13: The revised evaluation criteria still says that the Key Issues and Critical Problems are to be 4 pages; however, the  responses to questions indicated it to be 3.

Answer 13: The Key Issues and Critical Problems are to be (3) three Pages.

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