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Professional Services
Question and Answer
For Current Technical Proposals

Email question(s) to PSPD@dot.state.nj.us, attention Manager of Professional Services, Procurement.

Specify "TP # 969 question" in subject line. Email is now the preferred method of answering consultant's questions. It will expedite processing the request and posting the response. If your firm does not have access to email, you may fax your questions to 609-530-2212.

Questions will be accepted up to question cut-off date noted in the technical proposal.

Technical Proposal


Question 1: The solicitation states that all work will be done by the consultant except for Structural Design and Geotechnical Foundation Design, and that these disciplines would be completed by NJDOT; if that is the case, why is NJDOT requesting qualified Team Leaders in these disciplines?

Answer 1: We do not necessarily need structural team leader but firm should be qualified for bridge design and have bridge engineers affiliated with the project. This definitely is needed and will help for QA/QC of contract documents.

Question 2: The instructions for Part 4, Section 10 indicate up to 6 projects may be included on the resume.  However, the form for Part 4, Section 10 indicates up to 3 projects. Please confirm.

Answer 2: Part 4 Section 10 should read 3.

Question 3: This question is regarding Section 9 Qualifications for the Hydraulics and Hydrology Team Leader. Your requirements indicate that this person should have a BSCE – Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, with experience and training in drainage design (HEC-I, TR55, HEC-RAS).  We would prefer to offer someone who has dual degrees in both Mechanical Engineering and Metallurgy, who has over 26 years of water resources engineering experience. He is also a longtime and active member of American Society of Civil Engineers, New Jersey Association of Flood Plain Managers, and the Society of American Military Engineers. He is knowledgeable in HEC-RAS,  HEC-HMS, HEC-2, HEC-1, TR20, HydroCAD, StormCAD, PondPack, and has taken continuing education courses in stormwater quality system design, open channel flow, and advanced hydraulics.  Would a person with these qualifications meet your requirements?

Answer 3: A BSCE is required.

Question 4: One of the key issues and critical problems has to do with bridge constructability. If the Department will be doing the structural design, why is this a key issue to be addressed by the consultant designer?

Answer 4: The consultant must be knowledgeable and have experience equally in bridge and roadway design.

Question 5: As per the page 20, Section V, Item D of the Concept Development Report, “According to the NJDOT Historic Preservation Office letter dated August 16, 2012, there are “No Historic Properties Affected” within the Area of Potential Effects (APE) for the proposed project. There are no archaeological resources or historic architectural resources present within the APE.” As a result of the CDR findings, will cultural resources still be required as a team leader role, or will this be omitted?

Answer 5: The Cultural Resources Team leader can be eliminated.

Question 6: Will a NJ-PE with an MSCE and a BSME qualify for the Hydraulics and Hydrology Team Leader?

Answer 6: Yes.

Question 7: The Traffic Engineering Task Leader qualifications ask for “Experience with Highway Capacity Analysis Software HCM, Transyt7F, PASR2, Synchro”. The Transyt-7F program is part of the Highway Capacity Analysis Software beginning with HCS 2010, and PASR2 is an outdated software package.  Are these programs actually relevant to this project?

Answer 7: These programs are requirements for Traffic Engineers.

Question 8: Under Part 4 Team Leader/Key Staff Project Specific Requirements, Geotechnical Engineering Team Leader: the Preferred Alternative does not include noise walls. Is this requirement necessary?

Answer 8: Please refer to the CD report. Noise Walls will not be constructed as part of this project.

Question 9: Would it be possible to increase the graphic size to 11 x 17?

Answer 9: Yes.

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