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Metric Version Standard Electrical Details Booklet, July 2001


March 12, 2001

Subject: Release of the Standard Electrical Details Booklet, dated July 2001, in Metric Units

The Metric version of the Standard Electrical Details booklet, dated July 2001 is hereby released. This booklet has been updated to include all electrical details that were issued by BDC announcements after the issuing of the 1996 Standard Electrical Details booklet. Additionally, there are minor format revisions and one design standard change. The format revisions and design change are as follows:

  1. The reference NTS (not to scale) which was included as part of each drawing on a detail sheet, is now indicated only once for the entire sheet, in the title box.
  2. The reference to the date of issue of each detail sheet, which is the last two numeric digits of the sheet number, has been changed to "01" for the year 2001.
  3. Spelling and formatting errors have been corrected.
  4. The Bureau of Electrical Engineering no longer exists. Therefore, those references have been removed.
  5. The 1996 Electrical Details indicate allowable differences in the size of castings as "dimensions," the revised details refer to these as "tolerances".
  6. The one revision concerning a change to the design standards is the ASTM designation for anchor bolts on detail T-4301M has been changed to ASTM F1554 Grade 379.

Instructions to Designers:

The date of the Metric version of the new Standard Electrical Details booklet is, July 2001.

The following BDC Announcement memorandums will be superseded on July 1, 2001 when this new Standard Electrical Detail booklet becomes effective.

BDC96D-002 entitled "Standard Electrical Details, 1996 ", dated October 24, 1996.

BDC97D-005 entitled "Standard Electrical Details, 1996" dated September 11, 1998.

BDC98D-002 entitled "New Electrical Detail sheet T-1398M Steel Traffic Signal and Arm details", dated March 9, 1999.

Distribution to In-House Staff and Various Public Agencies:

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In-house staff may obtain an electronic copy of this BDC Announcement from the QM shared area, on the NJDOT-FA-NTS7 server. To access the shared area , open Windows Explorer, go to the drop down menu item labeled "Tools" and then open (click on) "Map Network Drive". In the path box, type in \\NJDOT-FA-NTS7\QM, then click on the "OK" Button. You will see this drive listed as QM on "NJDOT-FA-NTS7" in the "Folders List".

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Brian Strizki W. Dennis Keck
Manager, Assistant Commissioner,
Quality Management Services Capital Program Management

Attachment : Metric version of the Electrical Details booklet available upon request