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U.S Customary English Unit Electrical Material Specifications (EB Specifications)


February 28, 2001

Subject: The release of the Electrical Material Specifications, (EB Specifications), in U.S. Customary English Units.

Over the next several months the Department will issue all Engineering documents (such as Standard Construction Details, Design Manuals, Sample Plans, Standard Specifications, and Standard Pay Items list) in U.S. Customary English Units. This is the first of such documents to be released. A Department policy on the use of English unit documents however, will be issued at a future date via a separate BDC announcement. Until then, the users are requested to familiarize themselves with the English unit documents.

The attached new U.S. Customary English Unit version of the Electrical Material Specification, also known as the EB Specifications, is identical to the Metric version EB Specifications issued via BDC00S-11 dated February 23, 2001.

Instruction to Designers:

The effective date indicated on each of these English Electrical Material Specifications (EB Specifications) is July 1, 2001. However, although these can be used on all projects developed in English units after July 1, 2001, it is not intended to mean that all projects will be done in English units after the date. The announcement detailing the criteria for developing contract documents in English units will be issued by a future BDC announcement.

Distribution to In-House Staff and Various Public Agencies:

The Document Control Unit will not automatically distribute hard copy of the attachment to in-house staff and various Public Agencies. Users of these EB specifications are requested to download the file as instructed below.

In-house staff may obtain a copy of this BDC announcement from the QM shared area on the NJDOT-FA-NTS7 server. To access the shared area, open your Windows Explorer, go to the drop down menu labeled "Tools" and then open pick "Map Network Drive". In the path box, type in \\NJDOT-FA-NTS7\QM, click OK button.

This BDC Announcement and attachment file can also be viewed and/or downloaded from the New Jersey Department of Transportation Web Page at Click on "Capital Program Management", located on the left side of the web page. When this page is loaded, select "Pop-Up Site Map" at the top of the page and click on "Go To Selection". Click whatever document you wish to view or download.

Hard copies are available upon request to the Engineering Documents unit.

Distribution to other Outside Agencies (Consultants, Contractors, etc.)

This BDC Announcement file can be viewed and/or downloaded from the New Jersey Department of Transportation Web Page at See "Distribution to In-House Staff and Various Public Agencies" above for complete web page instructions.

Hard copies can be obtained by contacting:

            Engineering Documents Unit
            E & O Bldg., 1st Floor
            1035 Parkway Avenue, P.O. Box 600
            Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0600
            Phone: (609) 530-5587
            Fax: (609) 530-6626

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Brian Strizki W. Dennis Keck
Manager, Assistant Commissioner,
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