New Jersey Department of Transportation

Baseline Document Change

2001 Sample Plans


May 4, 2001

Subject: Release of 2001 Sample Plans in U.S. Customary English units

To progress with the development of Design projects with English units, the Department has converted the Sample Plans, issued as Baseline Document Change (BDC) Announcement, dated October 31, 1996, from metric units to U.S. Customary English units. The focus of the conversion has been to generate English unit plans from the metric 1996 Sample Plans. This has been accomplished with the exception of the construction plan sheets, which are not identical to the metric sheets, though are similar in presentation and depict the intent of the original sheet.

The overall appearance of the 2001 Sample Plans remains the same, with the exception of the conversion of metric units to English units and the following additions:

The following listings of ADU Memoranda and BDC Announcements have been incorporated in the 2001 Sample Plans, and are hereby superseded:



ADU - Landscape Planting Plan Requirements

April 7, 1980

ADU - Plan Sheet Titling and Consultant’s Signature

November 22, 1989

ADU - Concrete Surface Course Joint Layout & Slab Dimensioning

March 8, 1993

BDC96PL-002 - Policy Change – Project Identification

February 4, 1997

Instructions to Designers

The 2001 Sample Plans shall be used as reference only by Designers for developing "new start" projects in English units, as directed in Corrective Action Notice, CAN041, dated March 30, 2001, with the following guidelines:

Current projects that have been developed with metric units are to remain in metric.

Distribution and Announcement Access Information

This announcement is being distributed electronically to our in-house staff and various public agencies by the Engineering Documents Unit. The Engineering Documents Unit will not distribute a hard copy of the 2001 Sample Plans; therefore, interested users are requested to contact the Engineering Documents Unit as shown below to obtain a copy.

Internet access to this BDC Announcement along with all necessary files and web links can be downloaded and viewed from the following New Jersey Department of Transportation Web Page:

In-house staff may copy or view the above-mentioned files in the QM shared area on the NJDOT-FA-NTS7 server. To access this area, open Windows Explorer on an NJDOT Network Computer. Go to the drop down menu labeled Tools, and then select Map Network Drive. In the path box type in \\NJDOT-FA-NTS7\QM, then click on the OK button. All files are located in the QM\BDC Announcements\BDC 00 Folder.

Half-scale sets of the 2001 Sample Plans may be purchased by contacting the following:

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Brian Strizki W. Dennis Keck
Manager, Assistant Commissioner,
Quality Management Services Capital Program Management

Attachment: 2001 Sample Plans available upon request.