New Jersey Department of Transportation

Baseline Document Change

Metrication of Contract Documents

July 22, 1996

Baseline Document Change - Policy

Subject: Metrication of Contract Documents

All Baseline Contract Documents (Construction plans, supplementary specifications, etc.) advertised after October 1, 1997 must be in metric regardless of funding source. For those projects that are currently being designed utilizing English units and will be advertised after this date, the plans are required to be revised to metric. When it is not practical to revise the plans to metric for reasons of cost and/or scheduling, a request for an exemption must be submitted to Quality Management Services for review and approval. The request for an exemption also applies to those federally funded projects that were previously exempted from metric requirements by the FHWA.

Requests for exemptions shall be submitted to Quality Management Services by August 30, 1996. The requests must include ample justification as to why the contract documents should be allowed to remain in English units.

Standard Roadway Construction/Traffic Control/Bridge Construction/Electrical Details, and specifications are currently being revised to metric and will be available in sufficient time to permit all contracts to adhere to the above time frame.

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