New Jersey Department of Transportation

Baseline Document Change

Memorandum Introduction

July 24,1996


Baseline Document Change - Other (General Information)

Subject:   Baseline Document Change Memorandum Introduction

Starting today, Baseline Document change (BDC) memorandums will be used by this Department to generate changes in baseline documents. Baseline documents determine the physical and functional characteristics of a project, impacting itís form, fit, cost or schedule at any point in time. Generally, if the document is used to design, contract or maintain the project, it should be a baseline document.

Baseline documents are divided into two categories:

1.   Contract documents
2.   Programmatic documents (ie: standard specifications, standard
      construction details, design manuals, etc.).

The majority of the BDC memos will concern programmatic documents. BDC memos concerning contract documents would most likely concern a policy change (i.e.: metrication of contract documents). The old system of generating changes, All Design Unit Memorandums, will no longer be used. For now, hard copies of BDC memos will be sent to the appropriate in-house staff. Our customers (consultants, contractors, etc.) will be able to access them off the Bulletin Board. In the future, we are looking into the feasibility of providing access through the Internet for in-house staff and our customers. BDC memos will be processed and distributed through the Configuration Management unit under the Bureau of Quality Management Services.

Changes generated by various Departmental units, other agencies, and industries will be submitted to the above noted Bureau. The Interface Control Section within the Configuration Management unit will code and track the change, perform a change value review, coordinate the document change through in-house and FHWA review, perform a time/cost review of projects under design for significant changes and recommend the type and time of implementation. All BDC memos will require the approval of the Change Review Board which is made up of the Assistant Commissioner of Capital Program Management along with his Directors and the Manager of Quality Management Services. The final document will be distributed through the Document Control Center under Configuration Management.

The baseline document code number presented in the upper left hand corner of BDC memos will consist of a 9 to 10 digit- letter combination.

ex: BDC96 PL-001

BDC = Baseline Document Change
96 = Year (1996)
PL = Type of Document Changed, see below
001 = First time this type of document was changed in 1996

Code for type of Document

D = Construction Detail
MB = Design Manual, Bridge
MR = Design Manual, Roadway
PL = Policy
PR = Procedure
S = Specification
T = Other

A Policy and Procedure on Baseline Document Changes along with BDC submittal forms will be out in the near future along with a list of baseline documents which it falls under.

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Original signed by
Brian Strizki          

Original signed by
Russell D. Tong          

Brian Strizki Russell D. Tong
Manager, Assistant Commissioner,
Quality Management Services Capital Program Management