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Baseline Document Change Announcement



NJDOT Design Manual - Roadway Changes

February 6, 1998

Subject:   Release of revisions and additions to NJDOT Design Manual - Roadway, Section 6, "At Grade Intersections"

Attached for inclusion in your copy of the NJDOT Design Manual - Roadway are revisions and additions to the following pages of Section 6:

English Version:
6-5 to 6-6
6-35 to 6-41

Metric Version:
6-37 to 6-43

Replace the existing superseded pages.

The changes being incorporated are as follows:

Figure 6-B (English version) has been revised to show a distance of ten feet to driver's eye to conform with A Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets, AASHTO, 1990. This is effective immediately in the development of Department projects. If the project design cannot conform to this criteria, a design exception will be required as per NJDOT Procedures Manual, Section 3.8, "Design Exceptions".

Subsection 6-10, "Bus Turnouts", has been added to Section 6 of the NJDOT Design Manual - Roadway (English and Metric versions). This design criteria is being added to establish standards for bus turnouts to be incorporated into Capital Program projects. This is effective immediately and shall apply to all projects, except those projects where the implementation of the new criteria will require substantial cost or schedule changes. In such cases, the Designer shall contact the Department's Project Manager to determine how to proceed.

Distribution to In-House Staff and Various Public Agencies

This memorandum will be distributed to In-House staff and various Public Agencies in accordance with the established distribution list by the Office of Document Control.

Distribution to other Outside Agencies (Consultants, Contractors, etc.)

This memorandum along with a copy of the NJDOT Design Manual - Roadway revisions and additions will be mailed to all NJDOT Design Manual - Roadway holders. This memorandum will also be posted on the NJDOT's Electronic Bulletin Board System (BBS) under conference number 10 - "Highway Design", File Area 56 - "Baseline Document Change memorandums".


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Original signed by
Brian Strizki          

Original signed by
Russell D. Tong          

Brian Strizki Russell D. Tong
Manager, Assistant Commissioner,
Quality Management Services Capital Program Management