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Intelligent Transportation Systems
Mobility & Systems Engineering

ITS Technology Product Presentation
Transportation Systems Management

Notice to Applicants

We are currently seeking information on:
  • Appropriately-sized variable message signs to be utilized on arterials with constrained ROW. The purpose of these signs is to display travel times (distance and time). Signs should be mostly static with a dynamic travel time display.

  • Travel time collection technologies on arterial roadways. These systems should be able to re-identify individual users (vehicles) and be able to output an XML feed containing the travel time information.

Instructions to Applicants

General Instructions

An ITS Technology Product Presentation Process at New Jersey Department of Transportation (Department) is now in place for presentation/demonstration of ALL Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) products/equipment/services for Transportation Systems Management (TSM). This new process applies to all technology firms/businesses (vendors) and is being implemented to improve transparency in the process of researching and identifying products suitable to the needs of the TSM for the Department as well as to ensure an opportunity for all interested participants to participate uniformly utilizing the same procedures.

The Department is interested in learning about new TSM related products and will schedule ITS Technology Product Presentation opportunities for the purpose of allowing the Department to learn about new technologies and/or product updates that may assist the Department in meeting its mission of developing, supporting and implementing the latest technology for ITS initiatives. ITS Technology Product Presentations will occur on an as-needed basis.

Starting immediately, Mobility & Systems Engineering (MSE) will no longer allow vendors to contact MSE or its employees directly. Rather vendors interested in presenting their products will have to present them on ITS Technology Product Presentation Days. All inquiries regarding new ITS Technology Product presentations are to be made electronically, via email only. Firms/businesses are prohibited from making unscheduled or unsolicited contact or calls. Failure to follow these procedures may disqualify a firm/business from being considered for participation.

The file listed below is in Portable Document Format (PDF). You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available free from the state Adobe Access page, to view the file.

NOTE: If the Application Form link below does not open the PDF, please right click on the link and download the file to your computer.

All vendors interested in presenting a product will be required to submit an Application Form (pdf 2.9m) for the appropriate ITS Technology Product Presentation day. Presentations will be scheduled through an electronic process. Adequate notice will be provided whenever practical prior to setting up an ITS Technology Product Presentation day. Each ITS Technology Product Presentation day may involve either single or multiple products to be presented depending on the needs of the Department at that time. The names of firm/business and product(s) who have presented either via webinar or in person will be posted on the Departmentís website. The Application Form is a requirement prior to any presentation being scheduled and can be found on the Departmentís website.

The Department, at its sole discretion, will determine the product needed and the type of products to be demonstrated as well as determine whether an in-person or webinar presentation will be requested. All presentations will be scheduled in advance by the Department.

Presentation Instructions

The Department anticipates all presentations will not exceed 60 minutes. However, the Department may set forth a different schedule in its advertisements.

NOTE: All time needed by the presentor to set up or break down MUST BE WITHIN the time slot provided. The time frame for presentation may be reduced, at the Departmentís discretion, for any late arrival.

In addition to the basics and function of the product being discussed, presentations must be able to address questions and provide information about the product, including the productís function, cost and necessary additional equipment and/or support available and/or required.

Application Instructions

Submit a separate application for each product. All applications are to be signed, dated and all attachments are to reference the specific application.

It is preferable for all applications to be submitted electronically in PDF format. However, should attachments require mailing, or if a CD/DVD is submitted, include a printed copy of the application with any mailings. Use the address provided on the application.

If you require assistance with the application, please send your inquiry via email.

Application Stipulations

  • ITS Technology Product Presentations are NOT a tool to research and/or develop a companyís product for use in a transportation agency.
  • NJDOT use or approval of a product is NOT to be used in advertising endorsement of the listed product.
  • Individual use of NJDOT name as a client of a specific product requires prior authorization.
  • Acceptance or approval of a product for presentation is NOT to be construed as a NJDOT commitment to purchase, recommend or specify a particular product.
  • When requested, a sample for lab/field evaluation shall be provided/arranged for a set period of time (to be determined based on the type of product), with prior written approval from NJDOT. The firm/business must arrange for installation and decommissioning of the product upon initial completion of the evaluation period at no cost to the state.
  • Any information provided may be released to the public. Therefore, any information a firm may not wish to be in the public realm should not provide it.

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