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Instructions for Fueling (State Vehicles ONLY) (Revised 11/2/07)

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Follow the instructions on the message window at the blue and white "Ward" system Fuel Control Terminal (FCT):

The first set of instructions will read "Insert Card" followed by a four-digit number. The four-digit number is the time of day, NOT A CARD NUMBER PROMPT.

"Swipe" your vehicle card through the card reader from RIGHT to LEFT with the magnetic strip DOWN and facing IN. Enter the following information to activate the fuel pump:

SSN - Enter the number "9" nine times Press Enter
Enter the number of quarts of oil you will add to the vehicle.
If none, enter "0" Press Enter
*Enter the vehicle's ODOMETER reading (no tenths)
(Enter 6-digit number for vehicles with over 100,000 miles) Press Enter
Enter the number of the pump you intend to use Press Enter

Once you receive the "pump on" message, turn on the pump and begin pumping fuel.

*Please enter the correct odometer reading. Drivers omitting or entering careless odometer readings are doing damage to the database, which controls mileage reporting, maintenance scheduling, and mileage per gallon figures.

Some Transportation Services fueling locations have attendants on duty. These attendants will check oil and pump the gas into the vehicle for you upon request, if they are available. If the attendants are not available at the time, then fueling is self-service. At non-CMP facilities, YOU will be required to fuel your vehicle.

Please note that there are NO ATTENDANTS OR OTHER PERSONNEL on duty at any site during non-business hours.

If the FCT fluorescent display reads "OFF-LINE" you will not be able to refuel your vehicle at that site. The site manager should be alerted to the "OFF-LINE" condition.

Note: If there is a new card reader. Please follow the instructions below.
Hold the card so that the position of the magnetic strip is located at the top and facing left. Insert the card into the vertical card slot, pushing the card all the way in until it stops. Remove the card with one steady motion until the card is completely withdrawn. You will be prompted to enter the same information as above.

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