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CONTACT: Matt Golden
March 3, 2004
(609) 984-7110
Director Thompson Statement on D’Amiano Liens

 TRENTON - New Jersey Division of Taxation Director Robert Thompson, a 33-year career State employee, issued the following statement today regarding a tax lien settlement matter involving Daumann Recycling and owner David D’Amiano.

 “I can say with absolute certainty that the settlement between the Division of Taxation and Daumann Recycling, owned by David D’Amiano was entirely appropriate and completely consistent with the settlements that were made with other taxpayers throughout the year.

 “ Taxation routinely works out payment plans and lump-sum payments to avoid the continued cost of enforcement and allow taxpayers to start over again with a clean slate. The settlement also allows the State to avoid costly litigation and seizures expenses.

 “ Without a doubt, Mr. D’Amiano received no special treatment from the Division of Taxation related to his outstanding tax liabilities. His transaction was in line with hundreds of lien settlements that the division concludes each year.”

 According to public lien records, Mr. D’Amiano had four corporate and four personal liens from the Division of Taxation between 1995 and 1997 totaling $500,000 that were settled prior to 1998. An additional $433,000 from three corporate and three personal liens were settled in 2003.

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