Office of the State Treasurer


September 16, 2004
NJ Tax Relief for Florida Hurricane Victims
 TRENTON – State Treasurer John E. McCormac and Division of Taxation Director Robert K. Thompson said today that New Jersey will follow the guidelines provided by the IRS on special tax relief for Florida taxpayers in the Presidential Disaster Relief Areas.

 This special tax treatment is available for businesses and individuals located in the Disaster Areas, those whose tax records are in the Disaster Areas, and relief workers. These taxpayers will have until December 30, 2004 to file all NJ tax returns that have either an original or extended due date that falls on or after September 3, 2004. Payment dates are likewise extended.

 “With many New Jersey taxpayers having business and property interests in Florida, it is important to extend special accommodations made for federal taxes to state taxes,” said Treasurer McCormac. “During these difficult times, we need to do everything possible to help disaster victims concentrate on restoring order and normalcy to their lives.” Director Thompson said that in order to qualify, taxpayers must write “Florida Hurricane Relief” at the top of their NJ return when filed. Affected taxpayers who receive penalties for late filing or payment should call the Division of Taxation’s Customer Service Hotline at 609-292-6400 for abatement information.

 For information about the counties included in the Presidential Disaster Relief Areas, please read the IRS press release at

 For additional information about NJ tax relief for Florida Hurricane Victims, call 609- 292-6400 or send us an email at


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