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October 18, 2004
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State Revenues on Track Through First Quarter of FY 2005

 TRENTON – State Treasurer John E. McCormac said today that State revenue collections through the first three months of FY 2005 remain within 1 percent of budget targets.

 Through September, the State has recorded $5.766 billion in revenue, which is $40.6 million (0.7%) below targets. Among the major taxes, the Sales Tax and the Corporation Business Tax have come in $6.5 million and $31.6 million, respectively, above projections, while the Gross Income Tax is $67.1 million under the target for the quarter.

 Treasurer McCormac noted that $60.5 million of the $67.1 million GIT shortfall can be attributed to late filings of 2003 returns from upper income taxpayers. "Fewer taxpayers made estimated payments on September 15 than we anticipated", said Treasurer John McCormac. "But we fully expect the payments to appear during the final quarter between December 15, 2004 and January 15, 2005 and again when taxes are due on April 15, 2005."

 McCormac cautioned, however, that managing the Fiscal 2005 revenues will be a difficult task in the months ahead. "Though we are on target through three months, the real test comes in April and May of next year which does not give us much time to react if our targets are not met. We have to be very careful in what spending we approve over these next few months."

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