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March 2, 2006

Tom Vincz, (NJ Treasury)
(609) 633-6565



Electronic Filing Dominates Tax Season, Speeds Refunds


 TRENTON - With the mid-April tax deadline still weeks away, the New Jersey Division of Taxation reports a brisk pace of tax filing through the close of February, with nearly three-quarters of 2005 returns to date taking the form of electronic filings.

 Through February 27, more than one million New Jersey taxpayers have already filed their 2005 income tax returns. Nearly 75 percent of the returns submitted were filed electronically through one of New Jersey's "FastFile" options. The FastFile, user-friendly systems include NJ TeleFile, NJ WebFile, and NJ E-File, which enable taxpayers to submit paperless returns over the telephone, via the Internet, or through use of a computer-software package. The total through February 27 - 837,833 -- exceeds last year's pace to date for electronic filing by about 11 percent.

 "It's early in the season, but we continue to see an increase in the number of electronically filed returns," said Bradley Abelow, Acting State Treasurer. "New Jersey taxpayers have discovered that electronic filing is 'the way to go' to ensure accurate and speedy processing of their income tax returns."

 "New Jersey residents are finding that there is an NJ FastFile option that works for them," Taxation Director Robert K. Thompson said. "And those who use NJ FastFile have their refunds processed more quickly, usually within two weeks. In addition, only taxpayers who file their returns electronically can have their refunds directly deposited into a bank account."

 NJ TeleFile allows taxpayers to file their returns free of charge by dialing 1-888-235-FILE (3453) from a Touch-tone telephone in New Jersey or its surrounding states and following the automated voice prompts. Users should be sure to complete a TeleFile worksheet prior to calling the toll-free number.

 NJ WebFile offers free, Internet-based filing from the Division of Taxation's secure Web site. Everything you need to prepare and file a New Jersey income tax return can be found at

 NJ E-File enables those filing their federal returns electronically to submit New Jersey returns at the same time. Taxpayers can file via computer with approved tax-preparation software or by visiting an online tax-preparation site. They can also seek the services of a tax professional. A list of approved software vendors can be found on the Web at

 "Since electronic filing was introduced for New Jersey income tax returns in 1995, the number of returns filed electronically has grown from a few hundred to more than 1.7 million and we hope to see that number exceed 2 million this year," said Director Thompson. "As more and more people pay bills and bank by phone or online, it's only natural for them to seek out an electronic method for filing their income tax returns as well. Once taxpayers discover how easy and convenient it is to file electronically, they tell us they would never go back to filing a paper return."

 Taxpayers who owe State income taxes for 2005 can make their payments online by either electronic check (e-check) or credit card at Those who file early can pay when the return is submitted or wait until the April 17, 2006, filing deadline.

 New Jersey income tax forms are available online or by fax in a format suitable for processing for anyone who must complete a paper return. Visit our Web site at, or call NJ TaxFax at 609-826-4500 for the appropriate form.

 Most NJ FastFile systems are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Amended returns, returns for prior years, and returns requiring certain enclosures or schedules cannot be filed electronically. For more information, visit or call our customer service center at 609-292-6400. Representatives are available Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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