Office of the State Treasurer


July 25, 2006
Treasury Releases Review of BPU's Clean Energy Program

 TRENTON -- The Treasury Department announced today that, in cooperation with the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU), it would be releasing the draft review of the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities’ (BPU) Clean Energy Program.  Treasury began a detailed review in 2004, then suspended this review after submitting its preliminary findings to the Attorney General's Office*. At the request of the previous State Treasurer, a civil court judge issued a protective order preventing the papers that were a product of that incomplete review from being released. This draft document has been the subject of continued public interest and as all parties to the civil litigation have requested disclosure, this matter is being released.  In light of this interest and the Corzine Administration’s commitment to transparency, Treasury today waived its privilege preventing the working papers’ release. As a result, these draft documents, as well as BPU’s point-by-point responses submitted on April 4, 2006, are now available for public review. Click here to view the Treasury working papers. (Abode PDF 1.1 mb)  The BPU’s detailed response can be found at

*Since July of 2004, BPU has been working with Treasury on fiscal matters, and have been operating through an Interdepartmental Agreement with Treasury since January 2005 to provide financial management and procurement services for all BPU matters, including the Clean Energy Program. 

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