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      Loan Application


Exceptions to Online Loan Application
Through MBOS

Most loan requests require processing through MBOS; however, employees shown in the loan processing system as inactive from payroll cannot access the MBOS Loan Application. 

This includes:

  • Employees who apply for a loan within 6 months of returning from a leave of absence;

  • Employees who apply for a loan within 6 months of transferring within the same retirement system to a new employer;

  • State employees who are paid on a supplemental payroll schedule;

  • Employees who receive an error that they must submit a paper application; and

  • Employees whose employer was late in submitting the Report of Contributions for the quarterly posting.*

    *Employees from a late-reporting location, after certification, may only borrow amounts based on the previously posted quarter.

If you fall under one of these categories, print a copy of the error page and contact your human resources or personnel representative to complete a Certified Loan Request form.

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