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Pensions and Benefits


The Retiree Health Benefits billing statement shows recent activity to your State Health Benefits Program or School Employees' Health Benefits Program account. Scroll down or click on a field in the image below to see more information about that area of the bill.

retiree bill

PAYMENT DUE STATEMENT — Identifies the covered member, the payment amount, due date, and the mailing address for the payment. Return the Payment Due Statement portion of the bill with your payment. Please submit all health benefit payments to the address noted on the Payment Due Statement and include your 12-digit ID number on the check or money order. If you use an online banking service or the Payment Due Statement cannot be sent with your payment, please make certain that your 12-digit ID number is included with your payment.

Any other correspondence should be sent to: Division of Pensions and Benefits, P.O. Box 299, Trenton, NJ 08625-0299.

NAME AND ID NUMBER — This information identifies the covered member.

OPENING BALANCE — Total unpaid balance as of the last billing statement date.

PAYMENTS AND ADJUSTMENTS — Payments received and applied between billing statements.

CURRENT MONTHLY CHARGE — A list of the total amount charged to your account this billing cycle and any payments or adjustments credited to them.

CLOSING BALANCE — Total amount due up to the current coverage period.

TOTAL PAYMENT DUE — The amount due with the current billing statement. Please pay this amount by the due date to keep your account current. Be sure to include your 12-digit ID number on the check or money order. Please do not include any other paperwork with your payment and Payment Due Statement.

MESSAGE BOX — This area is for special messages from the State Health Benefits Program.

BILLING QUESTIONS — For your convenience each bill includes a telephone number (609) 292-7524 for billing questions.


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