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Pensions and Benefits
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The Division of Pensions and Benefits posts proposed rules, new rules, amended rules, and readoptions of existing rules on this Web site to inform members, retirants, employers and other interested parties.

Proposed rules are first published in the New Jersey Register, a bi-weekly publication prepared by the Office of Administrative Law. The Division then posts, on this site, summaries of the proposed rules. After adoption, a rule becomes part of the New Jersey Administrative Code.

If you would like to learn more regarding a proposed rule, the numbers in the parentheses before the proposed rule refer to the volume and page number in which the entire proposal is found in the Register. N.J.A.C. refers to the New Jersey Administrative Code, and the numbers identify the title and specific chapter citations.

View the New Jersey Register and New Jersey Administrative Code online.

Proposed changes for 2018 are in Adobe PDF format. Deletions are bracketed [so].

Public Notices

Public Notice - PERS - No Increase in the Minimum Annual Base Salary for Participation in the Public Employees' Retirement System

Public Notice - TPAF - No Increase in the Minimum Annual Base Salary for Participation in the Teachers' Pension and Annuity Fund

Proposed Rules

There are no proposed rules for 2018 at this time.


There are no adoptions for 2018 at this time.



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