About NJTA: Forms & Public Record Requests

Government Records Requests

Access to New Jersey Turnpike Authority records is governed by the New Jersey Open Public Records Act. Visit the OPRA Web site for more information. To file a request, fill out a New Jersey Turnpike Authority Government Records Request form and fax it to (732) 750-5384 or by mailing it to:

OPRA Records Custodian
New Jersey Turnpike Authority
Law Department
P.O. Box 5042
Woodbridge, NJ 07095-5042

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Accident Report Requests

Accident reports are available from a New Jersey Turnpike Authority vendor 15 business days after the date of the accident. The reports can be purchased online by visiting www.buycrash.com or over the phone by calling 866-495-4206. The cost for downloading the information from the website is $5 per report. The cost to receive the information by mail is $5 per report plus five or seven cents per printed page, depending on the size of the pages.

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Incident Responder Reports

If your fire company or ambulance squad responds to an incident on the New Jersey Turnpike or Garden State Parkway, we ask that you fill out a report and submit it to us as soon as possible. You can do so online by choosing the link to the appropriate Web-based form below. If you prefer, you can print out one of the PDF files and return it us by mail.

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Traffic Permit Applications

A Traffic Permit must be issued by the Turnpike Authority before any third party (non-Turnpike employees) will be allowed to engage in activity within the Turnpike Authority's right-of-way. Occupation of the Authority's right-of-way for any purpose other than travel is not authorized unless a Traffic Permit has been issued.

To request a permit, fill out a Traffic Permit Application in its entirety, including the indemnification page. The application should be accompanied by any associated plans, maps, details, etc. that further identify the proposed work. The materials should be sent to the Authority as follows:

Return application to the supervising engineer/planning for these activities:

    • Construction contract activities
    • License to Cross construction
    • Utility Order construction
    • Right-of-way activity
    • Survey work
    • Holiday displays on Authority property
    • New Jersey Turnpike Authority
    • P.O. Box 5042
    • Woodbridge, NJ 07095-5042
    • Attention: Hamid Ghadimy, Project Supervisor
    • Fax: Engineering/Planning — 732-750-5395

Return Traffic Permit Application to the assistant traffic coordinator, Operations Department, for these activities:

    • Photography or video of the roadway
    • Traffic counts
    • New Jersey Turnpike Authority
    • P.O. Box 5042
    • Woodbridge, NJ 07095-5042
    • Attention: John DeSanctis, traffic operation aide – Operations Department
    • Fax: Operations — 732-293-1171

The Authority's review will begin once the completed application and certificates of insurance are received. It will take at least a week to process an application. The Operations Department will issue a Traffic Permit once the application is approved.

Please note that the insurance coverage identified in the Traffic Permit Application is the minimum amount required by the Authority. Depending upon the circumstances and/or conditions of work, the Authority's Law Department/Insurance Section reserves the right to modify the insurance requirements for a particular permit.

A copy of the Traffic Permit with respective insurance must be in the possession of the applicant at all times when the applicant is occupying Turnpike Authority property.

If an extension beyond the Traffic Permit expiration date is required, it is the applicant's responsibility to obtain the appropriate insurance certificates and contact the appropriate department to request the extension. Please allow at least a week for the processing of extension requests.

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License To Cross Applications

A License to Cross (LTC) is a legal document that grants permission to outside parties to impact Turnpike Authority property. Licenses to Cross are granted for permanent installations such as utility crossings, and for temporary impacts, such as construction easements.

The Standard License to Cross Agreement contains the usual terms and conditions for an LTC, including provisions on the term, costs, insurance and indemnification. Requests for changes to the standard language are not usually granted.

In order to apply for an LTC, the application form must be fully completed and returned along with a non-refundable $900 application fee. The fee should be submitted in the form of a certified check, cashier’s check or money order payable to the New Jersey Turnpike Authority.

The application and payment should be submitted along with eight sets of plans and specifications and other applicable supporting documentation, such as drainage calculations and luminaire photometrics, to the Accounts Recievable Section of the Finance Department at:

  • U.S. Mail
    • New Jersey Turnpike Authority
    • P.O. Box 5042
    • Woodbridge, NJ 07095-5042
  • UPS & Federal Express
    • New Jersey Turnpike Authority
    • 581 Main Street
    • Woodbridge, NJ 07095

Plans Requirements

  1. Scale: 1" = 50’ (1:50) or larger (i.e. 1" = 30’)
  2. Plan sheet size shall be 22" x 36" or 24" x 36" (841 x 594 mm)
  3. All freehand lettering shall be legible.
  4. New Jersey Plane Coordinate system is to be used.
  5. Map scale and north arrow shall be shown on every map.
  6. All revisions to the proposal shall be numbered, dated and noted as to their nature in a revision box on each plan sheet.
  7. All Turnpike roadways shall be clearly labeled.
  8. The baseline (with continuous stationing) of Turnpike roadways shall be indicated.
  9. The Turnpike right-of-way and all property lines and monument markers shall be shown.
  10. The limits of disturbance shall be indicated.
  11. All proposed facilities shall be shown in bold.
  12. Plans shall be blocked, signed and sealed in accordance with State Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors Administrative Rules and Regulations, Chapter 40 (13:40-1.1, et seq).
    We recommend that application for an LTC be made as soon as preliminary plans are developed for the project.


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Filming Policy

Filming on the New Jersey Turnpike or the Garden State Parkway is prohibited without the prior approval of the New Jersey Turnpike Authority.

To obtain that permission, you will need to submit a package that will include the following documents:

  • New Jersey Turnpike Authority film application
  • Certificates of liability insurance made out to the New Jersey Turnpike Authority as certificate holder
  • Copy of motor vehicle insurance policy 
  • Signed indemnification form prepared by the Authority
  • Signed agreement prepared by the Authority requiring Licensee to reimburse the Authority for all overtime, vehicle use, and administrative overhead per personnel assigned to filming project 

The submitted paperwork takes a minimum of two weeks to process and will not be considered until everything is filled out in its entirety.


  •  Permits will not be issued until all requirements are fulfilled 
  •  Permits may be revoked at any time

In order to proceed and receive the required applications, please contact Stephen Baime, contracts manager, Patron Services and Business Development, at (732) 750-5300, extension 8485.

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