Doing Business: NJTA Traffic Manual & Revisions

Traffic Manual

Summary of Revisions

Content Date Revised Section / Subsection  / Exhibit Document Change Memo
Issuance of Traffic Manual October 2009 All N/A
Traffic Protection Standard Drawings TP-1 thru TP-22B have been updated and new Traffic Protection Standard Drawings TP-26  Toll Lane Closings and TP-27 Construction Access are being added. May 16, 2011 Appendix A DCA2011-TM-01
Add Subsection 3.2.6 describing requirements related to the installation of lane shifts during the “Summer” season on the Garden State Parkway. September 5, 2012 Subsection 3.2.6 DCA2012-TM-01
New Traffic Protection Standard Drawings TP-28 to TP-34 for mobile lane closings has been added as a reference. June 13, 2014 TP28 to TP-34 DCA2014-TM-01
Refer to the attached Document Change Request form for more information May 11, 2017 New Issuance of the Traffic Manual DCA2017TM-01

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