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The New Jersey License and Certification Guide

Occupations and business activities often require some form of registration, license or certification by the State of New Jersey. The New Jersey License and Certification Guide is a document (PDF format) containing a listing of these requirements with the appropriate agency contact. It has been prepared by the Department of Business Advocate & Information in the Commerce and Economic Grown Commission in response to requests from the business and professional communities for this type of information.

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  • New Jersey online Licensing and Certification Inquiry lets you search information similar to the New Jersey License and Certification Guide with key words in order to find specifics about a business or occupation.
The information presented here is for advisory purposes only, and may not be a complete listing of what is required for a specific License, Permit or Certification. It is the responsibility of the individual or business to thoroughly investigate which documents and information are required. Please contact the appropriate State Government Agency listed for more information. In addition, all information on this site pertains exclusively to the requirements of the state of New Jersey. Municipal and County rules and regulations are not covered. Please contact the County Clerk's Office and the municipality in which you are or will be located for more information.