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The Division works closely with seven commodity councils to help them publicize their products and bring the benefits of grower-sponsored research to consumers. Grower-funded commodity councils have been established for apples, blueberries, milk, poultry, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, and wine.

Created through legislation, New Jersey's seven commodity councils are operated by the producers of each commodity and funded through grower assessments. The funds are used by each council for product research and improvement, promotional point-of-purchase materials and special promotional events.

  • New Jersey Apple Industry Advisory Council

    The New Jersey Apple Industry Advisory Council was formed under the Apple Industry Promotion and Tax Act of 1959 for the purpose of developing programs of marketing, promotion and research for the benefit of the apple industry in New Jersey. Funding is derived from an assessment of three cents per bushel for all apples sold for fresh market consumption, excluding apples used for cider.

    The Council funds the production and distribution of a consumer- oriented brochure, "Where To Find New Jersey Apples", and offers a full-color poster of 12 of the most popular varieties of New Jersey Apples as well as an accompanying flyer. The Council also supports the US Apple Association, the national trade association representing all segments of the apple industry.

    In 2004 New Jersey ranked 18 nationally in apple production, harvesting 40 million pounds of apples. The crop was valued at $5.36 million.

    Current members of the New Jersey Apple Council are Taylor S. Applegate, Robert Best Jr., Myron Hurff, Joe Conti, Richard Mood and Gary Mount.

    For more information concerning New Jersey's apple industry, call (609) 292-8853.


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  • New Jersey Dairy Industry Advisory Council

    The New Jersey Dairy Industry Advisory Council was formed in 1971, under the New Jersey Agricultural Research, Development and Promotion Act of 1970, to administer a program of milk research, development and promotion designed to increase the consumption of milk and dairy products.

    Funding for the Council's activities is derived from an assessment of ten cents per hundredweight of milk delivered by producers to processors for sale. Traditionally, the Council has forwarded most of this assessment to the American Dairy Association and Dairy Council, Inc., for national dairy product advertising, promotion and nutrition education. The Council also supports the State Dairy Princess Program.

    Council members represent each of the producer/marketing organizations that process and sell milk for producers with one Council member for every 50 organization members. Other Council members represent individual producers who do not belong to a producer/marketing organization one Council member for every 50 independent producers.

    Current members of the Dairy Industry Advisory Council are Richard Byma, Bernard Beatty, Oscar Unangst, Frank Gibbs, James Watters, Adam Herb, and Robert Fulper II.

    In 1999, the state's 186 commercial and six institutional dairy farms produced just over 256 million pounds of milk valued at $43 million. New Jersey dairy farmers also produced heifers, cull cows, calves, grain, hay and other agricultural items, including breeding supplies such as calf embryos and semen.

    For more information concerning the New Jersey Dairy Industry Advisory Council, contact Bill Walker at (609) 292-8854.

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  • New Jersey Poultry Products Promotion Council

    The New Jersey Poultry Products Promotion Council was organized in 1957 in accordance with NJSA 54:47A-1-18. The Council promotes the New Jersey poultry industry by fostering better methods of merchandising New Jersey poultry products.

    The Council collects a mandatory assessment of one cent per 100 pounds of poultry feed from distributors of all poultry feed except poultry feed used in the production of meat birds. The money is administered by the Council with the approval of the New Jersey Secretary of Agriculture

    The Council meets semi-annually and is a strong advocate for the state's poultry industry, working with the New Jersey State Poultry Association to fund an egg advertising program.

    The Council is made up of 11 members - six poultry growers, three distributors of poultry feed, a representative of the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station and the New Jersey Secretary of Agriculture (ex-officio). Members of the Council are Chairman Emanuel Puglisi, John Bezpa, Richard Lee, Karen Puglisi, John Evans, Mary Puglisi, and Edwin Schuster.  Other members are the Dean of the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station and the Secretary, New Jersey Department of Agriculture.

    Recent tallies showed that New Jersey's poultry farmers produced 533 million eggs from nearly 2.1 million chickens and turkeys.

    For more information regarding the New Jersey Poultry Products Promotion Council, contact Bill Walker at (609) 292-8854.

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  • New Jersey Wine Industry Advisory Council

    The New Jersey Wine Industry Advisory Council was created in 1985 in accordance with NJSA 4:10-77. It is the duty of the Council to assess the condition of the wine industry and to advise the Secretary of Agriculture on expenditures for research, development, and promotion of the New Jersey wine industry from the New Jersey Wine Promotion Fund.

    Through the New Jersey Department of Treasury's Division of Taxation, the Council receives the equivalent of 47 cents per gallon on all sales of New Jersey wine sold by plenary and farm winery licensees each year.

    The Council meets quarterly to develop and promote New Jersey's wine industry. The Garden State Wine Growers Association sponsors annual group wine festivals to promote and share their wine-making tradition with the public. Individual wineries have their own festivals surrounded by country scenery. All wineries are open for tours and tastings. "Wine Trails" tours can be scheduled for groups.

    The Council is composed of eight members, including the Secretary of Agriculture, the Commissioner of Commerce and Economic Development and the Dean of Cook College at Rutgers University, or their designees, who serve as ex-officio and nonvoting members. The remaining five members, appointed by the State Board of Agriculture, include two holders of a plenary license, two holders of a farm winery license and one viticulturist.

    Plenary winery representatives are: Council Chairman Jack Tomasello, Anthony Valenzano, Janet Giunco, Ollie Tomasello, and William Heritage.

    For more information, contact Sandra Olah at (856) 292-8853.

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