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The New Jersey Department of Agriculture classifies the following seeds as "prohibited" or "restricted."

The following seeds are not allowed in agricultural, flower, tree, shrub or lawn and turf seed:
  • Bindweed - Convolvulus arvensis
  • Hedge bindweed - Convolvulus sepium
  • Quackgrass - Agropyron repens
  • Canada thistle - Cirsium arvense
  • Horse nettle - Solanum carolinense
RESTRICTED WEED SEED (in agricultural, vegetable, flower, or shrub seed)
The following seeds may be present in a seed lot, but shall be listed on the label under the heading "Noxious Weed Seed." The name and number per pound must be declared. The terms "free" and " none" shall mean that no noxious weed seed was found in a test conducted using the Association of Seed Analysts (AOSA) established methods.
  • Dodder - Cuscuta spp.
  • Corn cockle - Agrostemma githago
  • Wild garlic - Allium vineale
  • Wild onion - Allium canadense
  • Cheat - Bromus secalinus
  • Bermuda grass - Cynodon dactylon
  • Johnsongrass, perennial sweet Sudangrass, Sorghum almum, and hybrids derived therefrom - Sorghum spp., perennial
  • Spurred anoda - Anoda cristata
  • Giant regweed - Ambrosia trifida
  • Bur cucumber - Sicoyos angulatus
RESTRICTED WEED SEED (in lawn and turf seed)
The following seeds may be present in lawngrasses, but when contained in amounts of less than five percent, by weight, of the mixture, they shall be listed on the label under the heading "Noxious Weed Seed" or "Undesirable Grass Seed" and the name and number per pound or ounce must be declared. The total amount of such restricted noxious weed seeds shall not exceed 0.5 percent by weight. This classification shall not apply to grasses or mixtures clearly labeled for pasture, forage, hay, conservation or soil bank reclamation usage.
  • Bermudagrass - Cynodon spp.
  • Annual bluegrass - Poa annua
  • Rough bluegrass - Poa trivialis
  • Bentgrass - Agrostis spp. (including, but not limited to creeping, colonial, velvet, and redtop)
  • Meadow fescue - Festuca pratensis
  • Tall fescue - Festuca arundinaceae
  • Orchardgrass - Dactylis glomerata
  • Timothy - Phleum pratense
  • Velvetgrass - Holcus lanatus

For further information contact Seed Certification and Control, New Jersey Department of Agriculture, Division of Plant Industry, PO Box 330, Trenton, NJ 08625-0330, (609) 292-6590.