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Male and Female Common Pine Shoot Beetles
Photo by: Hoebeke, E. Richard, Cornell University,

  • What is the Common Pine Shoot Beetle?

    The Common Pine Shoot Beetle is a serious foreign pest of pines, which attacks new shoots of pine trees, stunting the growth of the trees. The Pine Shoot Beetle also might attack stressed pine trees by breeding under the bark at the base of the trees. The beetles can cause a severe decline in the health of the trees, and possibly kill the trees when high populations exist.

    Beetles Boring in Pine Shoot
    Photo by: Hoebeke, E. Richard, Cornell University,

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  • New Jersey Response to Common Pine Shoot Beetle

    The beetles, first found in Cleveland, Ohio, and believed to have entered the country in ships carrying infested dunnage, were found in some counties in the northern part of the state in 2005. The Division of Plant Industry is handling this situation under USDA protocols.

    Press Releases

    October 14, 2005
    Pine Shoot Beetle Discovered in Northern New Jersey

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  • Links

    United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service
    Pest Alert: New Introduction - Common Pine Shoot Beetle

    Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Pine Shoot Beetle Information

    Tree Damage
    Photo by: Passoa, Steve, USDA, APHIS, PPQ,

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