2017 SADC Online Appraiser Seminar -- Mandatory Continuing Education for SADC Approved Appraisers

Introductory Letter

Highest and Best Use Video

Specialized Appraisal in the New Jersey Highlands and Pinelands

Appraisal Handbook Amendments Letter

Agricultural Land Easement (ALE) Guidance Document

Approved Appraiser Contact Information Form

Online Appraiser Seminar Attendance Certification

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Appraisal Guidelines

2017 Farmland Preservation Program Appraiser Handbook

2017 Appraiser Handbook (as adopted)

2020 Appraisal Order Checklist WORD  PDF

Other Guidelines

Pinelands Appraiser Handbook Supplement

Pinelands Onsite Development Worksheet

Transfer of Development Rights Program - Appraisal Guidelines

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Resale Information

Note: This resale information is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute appraisal or legal advice. This information is intended to serve as leads for approved appraisers evaluating farmland for farmland preservation purposes. Approved appraisers should know how verify and analyze the sales. Improvements are included in the sales and have not been deducted. The value of improvements, and factors such as soils, wetlands, and other elements can change per acre rates on individual farms drastically. A qualified appraiser can provide a more detailed value analysis of resales, such as when using this information to inform buying or selling decisions. This information is intended, but not promised or guaranteed to be current, complete, or up-to-date and should in no way be taken as an indication of future results.

List of Resales of Restricted Farmland (summary)

Resales of Restricted Farmland (Individual sales information statewide) 

List of Resale Information for Preserved Farms in Morris County

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Highlands Act

Highlands Water Protection and Planning Act Outline

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Appraisal Conference Presentations

2016 Appraisal Conference Powerpoint Presentations

Rural Microenterprises, Special Occasion Events Laws and Other Uses Allowed on Preserved Farms
Part I -- The Evolution of Permitted Uses on Preserved Farms
Part IIA -- Equine Activities, Agritourism and Recreational Uses
Part IIB -- Agricultural Labor Housing, Replacement of Existing Residence, RDSOs, Division of the Premises, Cell Towers, Renewable Energy
Part III -- Winery Special Occasion Events, Non-Agricultural Activity/Rural Microenterprises

Census of Agriculture, Useful Data for Land Valuation Professionals and How to Find It From the National Agricultural Statistics Service

NJSTART -- State Procurement Process

2015 Appraisal Conference Powerpoint Presentation
(The noncontiguous cluster presentation has been removed to ensure confidentiality.)

2014 Appraisal Conference Powerpoint Presentation
(The noncontiguous cluster presentation has been removed to ensure confidentiality.)

2013 Appraisal Conference Powerpoint Presentation
Program Review

2012 Appraisal Conference Powerpoint Presentation
Program Review

2011 Appraisal Conference Powerpoint Presentation
Selected Recent Trends Impacting Farmland Preservation: Population, Housing, Building Permits, Employment, Land Use, Regional Planning and Farmland (35MB)

2010 Appraisal Conference Powerpoint Presentation

2008 Appraisal Conference Powerpoint Presentation
(The IRS presentation and aerial photographs have been removed upon request and to ensure confidentiality.)

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