Atlantic County

Victor Joseph Brothers, LLC to Albert & Kathleen Lombardi (6/10/2015)

Cynthia Erickson, s/w, to William C. Osborne and Kathleen M. Collins (11/9/2012)

Donato Associates, Inc. to Victor Joseph Brothers LLC (3/15/2011)

George and Helen Bartmer to JSM Blueberries, LLC (9/18/2008)

Joseph C. Arpino to RIGI Holdings LLC  (11/2007)

Bergen County

Gilmartin et als, Trustee for Estate of Ellen Brooks, to Metropolitan Farm LLC (1/11/2012)

Burlington County

Peter B.J. Chung & Monica Chung to Abrams Homstead, LLC (5/27/2016)

Estate of Angelina Puglia to Rosemarie & Arthur Phillips (5/3/2016)

Wayne N. Lamberg to Heaven Sent Farm LLC (4/19/2016)

Frederick Wright, Marie Ortner & Kathleen Wright to Properties 19 LLC (1/27/2016)

Farm Credit East ACA to Edward W. & Kathy B. Allen (12/28/2015)

C, J & M Associates I, LLC to Elwood J. Hancock (11/30/2015)

WP Russell LLC to Third Day Farm
 LLC (4/24/2015)

Diane Miller & Mark Petherbridge to William M. Raftery & Patti C. Runquist (10/27/2014)

Robert & Eleanor Lipyanek, h/w, to Jason M. & Candice Greater, h/w (9/23/2014)

Arthur & Carol Ciacciarelli to Donald & Suzanne Knezick (7/11/2014)

Jay H. Neville to Better Days Boarding LLC (12/20/13)

James M. Ferrell to Echo Gardens LLC (12/5/2013)

Alloway Family LP to Abrams Home (2/15/2013)

Robert and Nancy Bush to Haines Berry Farm LLC (12/21/2012)

County of Burlington to Probasco - Armstrong Farm LLC

Curt Von Lintig to DLS Farms LLC (9/2/2011)

Robson Land Inc. to James Durr Wholesale Florist Inc. (2/18/2011)

Ackerman and Ackerman Farm LLC to Jeffrey and Danyelle Kumpel (4/16/2010)

Burlington County to Edward Allen (4/2009)

Burlington County to Peter Gasko  (pending)

Burlington County to Patrick Harber  (pending)

Burlington County to Warren Hopely  (pending)

Burlington County to Christopher Probasco  (pending)

Burlington County to Tom Allen (pending)

Cape May County

Estate of Bolton Charles LeGates & the Estate of Dorothy LeGates to Barbara Hamilton Bray Wilde (3/31/2016)

James & Veronica Lindemon to Beach Plum Farm III-CMCH LLC (11/2/2015)

McCandless to Mathews (6/4/2013)

Diana Bjork aka Diana Riethheimer to Blair E. and Jasen Hansen (4/20/2012)

James E. & Carol J. Hazlett to Duncan F. Welch and Isai Guzman (9/30/2010)

Laurie Seyboth-Leib and Jason Leib (h/w) to Mark Z. McCandless (9/30/2005)

Richard G. and Cheryl Ann Jorgenson to Deborah J. Papperman (1/28/2005)

Cumberland County

Daniel S. Hancock Sr. Family Trust to TJK Land Holdings LLC (8/21/2013)

Estate of Michael P. Palischak to Douglas K. and Michele R. Mehaffey (1/25/2013)

Estate of Laura M. Dilks to Robert Todd Gaum and Tina Steele (5/8/2012)

Arlene Tice to MJC Properties LLC (2/3/2012)

Anna M. Sheppard to Bradley W. Van Pelt (1/3/2012)

Spadoni to SCF Realty Holdings LLC (9/8/2011)

Ronald J. and Kathleen Bauer to David T. Sheppard, Jr. (10/7/1010)

Theresa Ann McCarthy Executrix of Estate of Elizabeth M. Buckley to Rottkamp Farms Inc. (4/6/2011)

Gloucester County

Estate of Barbara Hogan to Anthony Costa (7/10/2016)

Wagner to WE Farms LLC (3/3/2016)

Benjamin & Elaine DuBois, h/w, to All American Farms LLC (12/21/2015)

Lake Park Cemetery, Inc., to Gary Stecher (5/20/2015)

Gattuso Estates LLC to Yibao Produce Inc. (5/15/2015)

Stayton-Styliades to Viereck (4/15/2015)

Russo Homes to Previteria (3/17/2015)

DeLuca to 1001 Russel Mill LLC (12/29/15)

Butler to Nachimson & Zember (5/15/2015)

Butler to Zember (5/15/2015)

Pierson Homes to Leone (5/6/2015)

George Urban to Alfio Grasso (10/28/2013)

Sunnybrook Nursery Inc. to Jeffrey and Sherri-Martin Hutchins

Heatherwood Farm III LLC to Larry E. & David W. Vierick (5/17/2013)

John D. Jordan, Executor, Estate of Howard Pedrick, to Jesse Lee DeGarmo II and Allyson O'Malley DeGarmo, h/w, as tenants in common / John Caruso Jr., and Jeanne Caruso, h/w (3/28/2013)

Sunny Brook Nursery Inc. to Robert and Kimberly Harty (8/31/2012)

Lafferty Children's Trust to Joseph and Michele Burke (5/30/2012)

Joseph F. and Mildred E. Frank to Dominic Racite (9/6/2011)

Josephine M. Gallagher to Jordan T. and Bethany A. Leckenbusch, h/w (3/30/2011)

Russel C. Shiveler & Mary S. Shiveler, h&w, and Mary N. Shiveler to Larry E. and David W. Viereck (12/13/2010)

Edward and Susan Elvich to Liberty Bell Bank, Custodian for Peter G. Buchert IRA (2/5/2010)

Douglas B. Carey to Edward and Susan Eivich (1/6/2009)

Aaron Butler and Dorothy Sconyers to Joseph Leone Revised (11/20/2008)

Hunterdon County

Daniel Fernandez & Gina Dizzia to Crazy Acres, LLC (2/28/2016)

Culbertson to America's Grow-A-Row (7/2/2015)

Rhyne Simpson Jr. & Andray Kulinyi to Catherine Sue Haddad Trust, et al (3/31/2015)

Rynearson to Plutnick (3/9/2015)

Hill & Dale Farms, Inc. to New Jersey Conservation Foundation (9/19/2014)

Township of West Amwell to Leon Walters
IV (7/8/2014)

Estate of Balek to Zeng (1/6/2014)

Estate of Evans Hall Middleton to Katherine Abigal Dixon

Estates of J&B Sowsian & Sowsian K. to Travelling Butcher LLC (5/23/2013)

Roger and Holly Locandro to Manuel and Genevieve Cerca (3/26/2013)

Charity C. Sayles and David S. Mulchinock, Co-Executors of the Estate of Maria A. Sayles, to Plum Brook Partners LLC (3/8/2013)

Richard W. Brodeen to James Brophy and Olena Shpanko (2/8/2013)

Estate of Hildegard to Zeng (12/22/2012)

Diana Estates Inc. to Melick Cokesbury
LLC (2/3/2012)

Township of Readington to Elbert (10/25/2011)

Estate of John and Margaret Delaney to John Bogush a/k/a Case Farm LLC

Susan Fox Rodigas to Trimmer Road Company LLC (8/18/2011)

Farm Credit East ACA to Down to Earth Farms LLC (3/30/2011)

Township of Readington to Little Hills Farm LLC (8/2/2010)

Estate Frank E. Darling, et al to William H. Carlucci & Elizabeth D. Woodfield (4/2/2010)

Estate of William P. Stamets to Jonathan Seth White and Nina Stein White (3/12/2010)

Mercer County

Princeton Research Lands Inc. to Gabert (9/2/2015)

Township of Hopewell to Zhou (3/18/2015)

Township of Hopewell to Wen (1/12/2015)

Lorken LLC to Guzikowski Jr. (2/4/2014)

Gerald M. and Lisa A. Cupp to EWT 129, LLC

County of Mercer to 1410 Old York Road LLC (5/3/2012)

Jefffrey and Sonja Booth to 1410 Old York Road LLC (5/03/2012)

County of Mercer to Jeffrey and Sonja Booth (5/3/2012)

Township of Robbinsville to Anthony Gentile (2/8/2012)

County of Mercer to KJD Farms LLC (1/5/2012)

County of Mercer to Sawmill Group LLC (12/28/2011)

County of Mercer to John and Carol Bonacorda (12/28/2011)

County of Mercer to Lorken LLC (11/3/2011)

Monmouth County

Plum Tree Holding Company, LLC, to Bradley & Barbara Feigus (4/27/2016)

Brendan Mullery to Allen & Marilyn Levine (9/29/2014)

Rue Brothers Inc. to Holland Green Farms (9/3/2015)

F&F Nurseries to Casola (6/16/2015)

Allentown Tree Farm LLC to Avventura (6/12/2015)

Kildee Farm to Old Mill Road LLC (6/26/2015)

WFS Realty to Down to Earth Farms LLC (5/12/2015)

WFS Realty to JWL Farm LLC (4/20/2015)

All Monmouth Landscaping & Design to Yueh Ho (4/15/2015)

Gravatt Farm to S&R Farms LLC (4/7/2015)

Allentown Tree Farm to Block 50 LLC (4/1/2015)

Florendo, Rose, Renaldo & Marie Sigismondi to Robert D. & Karen A. Balz h/w

Campusome Inc. to Ed Rose & Son Farm LLC (10/4/2012)

Joseph Jennings to Vincent Carrabba (3/14/2012)

DVLP LLC to JMP Enterprises LLC (4/1/2011)

Edith Pilcher to John and Francyne Palanca (1/18/2011)

Ellis Estate to Kontos Enterprises LLC (2/8/2010)

Morris County

Thomas Torzewski to Kevin & Lorraine Fleming (6/15/2016)

Willemsen to Weinstein (11/14/2014)

Koven Orchard Hill LLC to Bjorkedal & Bongiorno (2/11/2014)

Estate of Eddie Davis Palmer to Kevin & Nina Dorlon (8/5/2013)

John F. and Maria J. De Grande to Theodore Wachtell

Township of Mount Olive to Margaret Noon (4/20/2012)

Borgenicht Farm a/k/a Scott Farm #1 to The Promised Land at Scott Farm (11/14/2011)

Borgenicht Farm a/k/a Scott Farm #2 to Wild Boar Cider LLC (11/16/2011)

Paula Yannuzzi to Sipos Farm LLC

McShane to Picozzi (2/18/2005)

Salem County

Droppa to Stites (1/15/2016)

McMahon to Salem Farms LLC (10/2/2015)

Tark Jr. to Peck (7/30/2015)

Burg to Davis (12/19/14)

Marich to QiWang (11/24/14)

KMRC LLC to CTI Solutions (10/14/2014)

Kessels Nursery to WE Farms (8/13/2014)

Bacon to Battiato (7/16/2014)

New Holland Sales Stables Inc. to A&R Farms LLC (4/25/14)

Zoe Sarbanes & Dean Pappas to Amos Stoltzfus
 REVISED (8/20/2013)

Estate of Roy Peterson, Robert J. Peterson Executor, to Scott Robinson (5/29/2013)

Estate of Elizabeth R. Weldon to Emel Family Farm LLC (5/14/2013)

Trust of George Garrison and Maryetta Garrison to Zeilang Li (2/15/2013)

Oscar and Peggy Simkins to Charles and Rebecca Joyce (2/1/2013)

Marino Brothers Land LLC to Michael K. Pierson (1/18/2013)

Salem Farms to Emel Farms (12/31/2012)

William A. Coleman, etux to Amanda E. Coombs-Shimp (12/31/2012)

Oscar Simkins et ux to Clendening Brothers (1/13/2012)

Turner to Dubois Farm Properties LLC (11/26/12)

Harry R. and Jean B. Dubois to Edward and Barbara Lee Byrnes (12/13/2011)

Estate of William Hancock Jr. to Culver Farms LLC, Block 50, Lot 32 (10/24/2012)

Estate of William Hancock Jr. to Culver Farms LLC Block 50, Lot 20 (10/24/2012)

Ernest F. Tark & Maxine Rauch to Frank J. Battiato (6/3/2011)

Somerset County

The Estate of Emily Urban to 78 Storms Street, LLC (2/26/2016)

The Anne Christine Allen Revocable Trust to Lehman Acres, LLC (9/17/2013)

T. C. W. & A. Carden aka Hayfield Farm LLC #2 to M. Brian Maher & S & Schley, S.H., Trusts (5/17/2012)

Selody Sod Farm LLC to Princeton Show Jumping LLC (5/7/2012)

James B. Laughlin, Trustee to Craig and Catherine Smiddy (5/18/2011)

Christopher Emmett to Alvin Dietz (3/28/2011)

David & Judith Schenk to Pemberley, LLC (12/23/2010)

Sussex County

Everett to Opilla (11/6/2013)

Afram to Smith (2/22/2013)

Keyes to Havens (6/20/2014)

Lewisburg Road Acquisition LLC #1 to George Maragliana

Harold and Sally Peck to LJ Farms LLC (7/23/2012)

Lewisburg Road Acquisition LLC to Sherry Alves (5/30/2012)

Deckertown Farms LLC to Thomas J. Leonard and Karen Leonard (7/27/2010)

Charles Featherstone to John & Elizabeth Bas (7/28/2011)

Lewisburg Road Acquisition LLC to Thomas & Katherine Pepe, h/w (5/9/2011)

Miller Sheep Ranch to Entrust Northeast FBO - Louis Weber, Trust (10/28/2010)

Warren County

The Land Conservancy of NJ to Stefan, Lorena, Helmut & Donn Schoen (3/9/2016)

G&R Farms, LLC to C&R Farms, LLC (11/20/2015)

Robert & Geladine Schuster to New Village Farms, LLC (4/15/2011)

Gibbs to Lavantas Stables LLC (4/1/2015)

Brugler to Kero (9/19/2014)

Billlybob Partners to Phillips (11/6/2013)

White Oak Farm Greenhouse and Nursery to Hope Ridge Farm LLC

Dumont Road Farm LLC to Santini (1/31/2012)

Estate of Theodore M. Long, Arlene Suydam, Executor, to Jack & Betty Oberly (12/17/2010)

Frank H. Convey and Frank Jr., et al to Towpath Farm LLC (10/22/2010)


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