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Videos -- SADC on YouTube

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Click the YouTube icon to visit the SADC's channel and view videos on various aspects of the farmland preservation process. The initial two videos are first-cut presentations. Let us know what you think, and check back as we build our video library!

SADC Deer Fencing Installation Training

Basic SADC & Easement Purchase 

House Replacement on a Preserved Farm 

NJ Conservation Blueprint Project



Guidance Documents

Farmland Preservation Program Overview

Farmland Preservation Brochure

Considerations for Preservation

Exception Areas
(with landowner acknowledgement page)

Division of the Premises-contiguous and non-contiguous parcels
(with landowner acknowledgement page)

Nonagricultural Uses
(with landowner acknowledgement page)

Farmland Preservation: Frequently Asked Questions

ALE Guidance Document

ALE Comparison Chart

Term Farmland Preservation Program

PIG Program Planning Guidance

Rural Microenterprises on Preserved Farmland

Special Occasion Events on Preserved Farmland - Overview and Q&A

Soil & Water Grants

Deer Fencing Grants

Equine Activities Questionnaire

Pinelands Valuation Formula

FAQ - NJ Cannabis (Marijuana) and Hemp

Technical guidance -- Purchase of Development Easements

Presentation: Farmland Preservation for Practitioners: Process and Best Practices
2018 New Jersey Land Trust Conservation Rally -- March 2, 2018

Guidelines for Reviewing Title Commitment/Policy

Technical Bulletins

Regional Conservation Partnership Program Funding

Administering Planning Incentive Grant Programs

Preliminary Conditional Approval of Planning Incentive Grant Applications
6/23/08 Memo to County and Municipal PIG Partners

Municipal Planning Grant Application Process Workshop  -  2018 Muni-PIG Application Process PowerPoint Presentation (PDF)

Milestone Maps - Municipal Planning Grants (PDF)

Right to Farm and Agricultural Mediation

N.J. Right to Farm Act

Agricultural Mediation Program

Natural Gas Pipelines/Condemnation of Preserved Farmland

Natural Gas Pipeline Projects on NJ Preserved Farmland: Frequently Asked Questions (December 2015)

Landowner Guide to SADC Procedures for the Condemnation of Preserved Farmland (July 2015)