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This will be a year full of positive changes for aquaculture in New Jersey.  Finalization of the Aquatic Farmer License by the Department and adoption of environmentally sustainable and business friendly management practices will enable aquaculturists equivalent rights, protections, and incentives realized by land-based farmers.   With this foundation, aquatic farmers in New Jersey can make significant contributions to the growing demand for fish and shellfish products.  In addition, fish and plants produced for stocking backyard ponds and the recreation offered by fee fishing operations add to the quality of life in the Garden State. 


The New Jersey Aquaculture Directory lists individuals and businesses involved in the production of cultured aquatic products, and those related businesses that support aquaculture producers in New Jersey.  Each listing includes aquaculture products that are actively grown and marketed by each operation (along with information on stages and sizes available), along with related equipment, supplies, and professional services offered. 


This directory also includes related associations and contacts in extension, technical assistance, education, disease diagnosis, and economic development that support both active and prospective aquaculture producers. Also included are informational websites of government agencies, trade organizations, educational portals, and media sources for the aquaculture industry in New Jersey and beyond. New to this edition of the directory are technical and high schools that offer a hands-on approach to aquaculture education.


To have your information included in the New Jersey Aquaculture Directory, or to update your existing information, please fill out the SURVEY at the end of the directory and send to the NJDA Office of Aquaculture Coordination (in the RESOURCES AND INFORMATION section).


















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Atlantic Cape Fisheries, Inc.

Dan Cohen

PO Box 555

Cape May, NJ  08204-0555

Ph: 609-884-3000

Fax: 609-884-3261                           


Products: oysters

Avery's Quality Bay Clams

Bill Avery

741 E Great Creek Rd

Galloway, NJ        08205-9686

Ph: 609-345-7703

Alt: 609-345-7703

Fax: 609-748-6630                        


Products: faster growing hard clam seed, quality littleneck clams, oysters

Equipment and Supplies: custom manufacturing of hatchery and field grow-out equipment

Consulting: shellfish and commercial fishing industry

Bass Island Farm

George Clarke

234 S Delsea Dr

Cape May Court House, NJ 


Ph: 609-465-4167         


Products: hybrid striped bass (market size)

Bayfarm, Inc.

John Schriever

574 Dock Rd 

103 Cestone Ct (Mailing)

West Creek, NJ  08092-3031

Ph: 609-294-0235     

Alt: 609-812-0675

Fax: 609-294-0235                          


Products: hard clam (seed, juveniles)


John O'Mara

1199 S Green St

Tuckerton, NJ  08087-2428

Ph: 609-296-0945

Alt: 609-290-2154

Fax: 609-296-5980                          


Products: hard clam (seed, growout)

Bivalve Packaging Company, Inc.

Steve Fleetwood

6957 Miller Ave

Port Norris, NJ  08349-3167

Ph: 800-524-2833  

Fax: 856-785-1406                                  


Products: hard clams, oysters

Services: seafood packaging

Bridge Creek Fishery

Joe Patterson

144 Tyler Rd

Woodbine, NJ  08270-9626

Ph: 609-390-9175     

Alt: 609-780-4260


Products: largemouth bass (fingerlings, stockers), koi

Services: live haul

DSM Nutritional Products, Inc.

45 Waterview Blvd

Parsippany, NJ  07054-1219

Ph: 800-526-0189   

Fax: 973-257-8415                                  


Equipment and Supplies: feed additives (pigments, vitamins), medicated feeds, medications (enzymes, Romet)

Epicore BioNetworks Inc.

Bill Long

4 Lina Ln

Eastampton, NJ  08060-5414

Ph: 609-267-9118

Fax: 609-267-9336                          


Equipment and Supplies: larval feeds, water purification supplies

Flexabar Aquatech Corp.

Rick Guglielmo

1969 Rutgers Univ Blvd

Lakewood, NJ  08701-4538

Ph: 732-901-6500   

Fax: 732-901-6504                          


Equipment and Supplies: water-based antifouling net coating

Garden State Aquatic Nursery

Florence Wood

335 Quinton Hancocks Bridge Rd

Salem, NJ  08079-9420

Ph: 856-935-3469   

Fax: 856-935-2624                                  


Products: aquatic plants                     

Equipment and Supplies: pumps, pond supplies, hardware, gifts

Hillard Bloom Packing Company, Inc.

Todd Reeves, VP/Mgr.

2601 Ogden Ave

Port Norris, NJ  08349-3141

Ph: 856-785-0120

Fax: 856-785-2341                                  


Products: eastern oyster (shucked, shellstock, natural set seed on prepared cultch)

International AquaFoods Corp., Seaburst Farms/Seaburst Aquaculture Systems       

George E. Saridakis

179 Delaware St

Woodbury, NJ  08096-5964

Ph: 856-853-1101

Fax: 856-853-8878                          


Products: hard clams (market size – bulk, retail pack), freshwater angelfish      

Consulting: aquaculture business planning, business plan preparation

J.A. Cissel Manufacturing

PO Box 2025

Lakewood, NJ  08701-8025

Ph: 800-631-2234

Fax: 732-901-0300                          


Equipment and Supplies: bird control equipment, cage fabric, dip nets, hexagonal, plastic netting, shade cloth, hatchery equipment & supplies

Mathis Clam Farm

George Mathis Jr.

143 Leektown Rd Lot 11

Egg Harbor, NJ  08215-4811

Ph: 609-296-7026

Alt: 609-290-8879

cell: 609-290-8879


Products: hard clam (seed, market size)

Monmouth Feed Supply Inc.

Ralph Kiracofe

PO Box 623

Farmingdale, NJ  07727-0623

Ph: 732-938-4646

Alt: 732-938-4647

Fax: 732-938-5243                          


Products: catfish, koi, aquatic plants, pondfish

Equipment and Supplies: pond liners, filters, lake aerators, pumps

Services: pond installations, consulting in lake & pond maintenance, fish health

Musky Trout Hatchery Inc.

Vern Mancini

279 Bloomsbury Rd

Asbury, NJ  08802-1010

Ph: 908-479-4893

Fax: 908-479-4893                                  


Products: koi, grass carp/white amur (triploid), sunfish, trout (brook, brown, rainbow, golden, tiger), fathead minnow, shiners, catfish

Equipment and Supplies: aerators

Nautical Nuggets

Ray Crema

PO Box 314

Port Republic, NJ  08241-0314

Ph: 609-344-1677

Alt: 609-652-8763


Products: hard clams


Dr. Russ Down

PO Box 156

Cape May Court House, NJ  08210-0156

Ph: 609-465-7559

Fax: 609-861-1611                                  


Products: oysters (seed on tire beads, shellstock), killifish, hard clams (chowders)

Equipment and Supplies: patented tire bead oyster growout system

Consulting: oyster raft culture; lease of channels, ponds, waterfront highlands for growout


Pacific Rim Marine Products, Inc.

Stephen Rothschild

402 Turlington Ct

Livingston, NJ  07039-8266

Ph: 973-577-5102

Alt: 973-763-0636

Fax: 973-453-8333                          


Equipment and Supplies: feeds (eel, larval shrimp, shrimp), feed additives, feed ingredients, fishmeal, fish oil

Services: fish processing

Consulting: feed development

Quality Koi Company, Inc.

Mathew McCann

104 E Quilleytown Rd

Carneys Point, NJ  08069-3614

Ph: 856-299-7564

Fax: 856-299-7544                          


Products: koi from Japanese parental stock (3"-18", maximum to 36”)

Equipment and Supplies: custom-made large pond filters

Services: on-site parasite identification

Consulting: pond design, aquaculture engineering

Shoemaker Littlenecks

Chris Scales

PO Box 173

Manahawkin, NJ  08050-0173

Ph: 609-978-0617         


Products: hard clams

Sterling Net & Twine Co. Inc.

18 Label St

Montclair, NJ  07042-3823

Ph: 973-783-9800

Fax: 973-783-9801                          


Equipment and Supplies: cages, plankton cloth, clam & oyster harvesting equipment, nets (trap, fyke, dip, sampling), seines, netting, net coatings, fish pens, rope, twine

Services: net repair & design

Taihan Sugar Co.

Two Executive Dr Ste 730

Fort Lee, NJ  07024-3383

Ph: 201-461-4112

Fax: 201-461-8022                          


Equipment and Supplies: feeds (bait, brine shrimp), feed ingredients, kelp, meals (fish, blood, bone, feather, meat)

Tifa (Ci) Limited

50 Division Ave

Millington, NJ  07946-1358

Ph: 908-647-4570  

Fax: 908-647-2517/7338                          


Equipment and Supplies: rotenone, aerators, insect controllers      

Services: predator control

C. Tomalo

331 Paradise Point Way

Forked River, NJ  08731-4302

Ph: 609-693-4701         


Products: hybrid striped bass

Twist Farms
Ollie Twist
346 Handsmill Rd Bldg 9
Woodbine, NJ  08270-3938
Ph: 609-889-0375
Fax: 609-889-0373

Products: hard clams (wholesale)

Robert Wilson

128 Pomona Rd, PO Box 410

Port Republic, NJ  08214-0410

Ph: 609-652-7978 


Products: hard clams



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New Jersey Aquaculture Association

Walter Canzonier, President

1623 Whitesville Rd

Toms River, NJ  08755-1166

Ph: 732-349-1152       Fax: 732-505-8941                           


New Jersey Department of Agriculture

Office of Aquaculture Coordination

Joseph J. Myers, Aquaculture Specialist

Warren & Market Streets, PO Box 330

Trenton, NJ  08625-0330

Ph: 609-984-2502       Fax: 609-633-7229          


New Jersey Division of Fish, Game & Wildlife

Bureau of Marine Fisheries

Kurt Powers, Chief

Ph: 609-292-2083

Bureau of Shellfisheries 

James W. Joseph, Chief                                

Ph: 609-292-3093

Bureau of Freshwater Fisheries

Lisa Barno, Chief

Ph: 609-292-9450

Pequest State Fish Hatchery

605 Pequest Rd

Oxford, NJ  07863-3234

Ph: 908-637-4173      


New Jersey Marine Sciences Consortium

New Jersey Sea Grant College Program

Michael P. Weinstein, President & CEO

Sandy Hook Field Station Bldg 22

Fort Hancock, NJ  07732

Ph: 732-872-1300 x21            Fax: 732-872-9573


Stewart Tweed, Aquaculture/Fisheries Agent

PO Box 1500

Vineland, NJ  08632-1500

Ph: 609-886-6573



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Rutgers University - Haskin Shellfish Research Laboratory

Dr. John Kraeuter

6959 Miller Ave

Port Norris, NJ  08349-3167

Ph: 856-785-0074 x131             


Rutgers Cooperative Extension

Dr. Karyn Malinowski

88 Lipman Dr

New Brunswick, NJ  08901-8525

Ph: 732-932-5000       Fax: 732-932-6633                          


Gef Flimlin, Commercial Fisheries and Aquaculture Extension Agent

1623 Whitesville Rd

Toms River, NJ  08755-1166

Ph: 732-349-1152       Fax: 732-505-8941                          



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Rutgers University - Haskin Shellfish Research Laboratory

Dr. Susan Ford; Dr. David Bushek

6959 Miller Ave

Port Norris, NJ  08349-3167

Ph: 856-785-0074 x105          Fax: 609-465-5953                          ;


New Jersey Department of Agriculture

Division of Animal Health

Dr. Jeff Hamer

Warren & Market Streets, PO Box 330

Trenton, NJ  08625-0330

Ph: 609-292-3965       Fax: 609-777-8395


Maryland Fish Health Diagnostic Lab

Department of Agriculture

8074 Greenmead Dr

College Park, MD  20740-4004

Ph: 301-935-6074


Pennsylvania Animal Diagnostic Lab System 

State Veterinary Laboratory

2305 North Cameron St

Harrisburg, PA  17110-9405

Ph: 717-787-8808



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Cumberland County College

PO Box 1500, College Dr

Vineland, NJ  08362-1500

Ph: 856-691-8600 x322          Fax: 856-696-2417


Richard Stockton College

Department of Marine Science

Matthew Landau

PO Box 195

Pomona, NJ  08240-0195

Ph:  609-652-4578      Fax:  609-748-5515                          



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New Jersey Department of Agriculture

Jersey Fresh Matching Grant Program

PO Box 330

Trenton, NJ  08625-0330

Ph: 609-292-5567      



New Jersey Commerce & Economic Growth Commission

Division of Development for Small Businesses

Division of International Trade

20 W State St, PO Box 820

Trenton, NJ  08625-0820

Ph: 609-777-0885

Urban Enterprise Zone Authority

Ph: 609-292-1912       Fax: 609-633-8004                          

New Jersey Economic Development Authority

36 W State St, PO Box 990

Trenton, NJ  08625-0990

Division Of Bond Finance 

Ph: 609-292-0192

Division Of Business Lending

Ph: 609-292-1800


US Department of Agriculture

New Jersey Farm Service Agency

163 Route 130 Bldg 2 Ste E

Bordentown, NJ 08505-2249

Ph:  609-298-3446


First Pioneer Farm Credit

9 County Road 618

Lebanon, NJ  08833-3028

Ph: 800-787-3276       Alt: 908-782-5011 x30

Fax: 908-782-522


Atlantic County Department of Regional Planning & Development

US Route 9 & Dolphin Ave, PO Box 719

Northfield, NJ  08225-0719

Ph:  609-645-5898      Fax:  609-645-5836                          


Cape May County Department of Tourism

4 Moore Rd

Cape May Courthouse, NJ  08210-1654

Ph: 609-463-6415       Fax: 609-465-4639                          


Cumberland County Department of Planning and Development

800 Commerce St E Ste 1

Bridgeton, NJ  08302-2294

Ph: 856-453-2177                  


Hudson County Economic Development Corporation

601 Pavonia Ave Ste 302

Jersey City, NJ  07306-2922

Ph: 201-222-1900       Fax: 201-222-6350                          


Monmouth County Economic Development/Tourism

31 E Main St

Freehold, NJ  07728-2286

Ph: 732-431-7476       Alt: 800-523-2587

Fax: 732-294-5930                          


Ocean County Planning Department

129 Hooper Ave, PO Box 2191

Toms River, NJ  08754-2191

Ph: 732-929-2054

Salem County Department of Economic Development

98 Market St

Salem, NJ  08079-1912

Ph: 856-339-8615


Warren County Regional Chamber of Commerce

PO Box 546

Hackettstown, NJ  07840-0546

Ph: 908-852-1253       Fax: 908-852-5622                          




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Camden County Technical School

Shawn McKay

6008 Browning Rd

Pennsauken, NJ  08109-1505

Ph: 856-663-1040 x7220

Fax: 856-665-8011                          


tilapia, koi

Cape May Technical High School

Hans Toft

188 Crest Haven Rd

Cape May Court House, NJ  08210-1651

Ph: 609-465-2161 x109

Fax: 609-465-4399                          


clams, oysters, tilapia, catfish, soft crabs; experimental species (eels, striped bass, seabass, frogs, turtles, killifish, flounder, tautog, black drum)

Cumberland Regional High School

Michael J. Griffith

90 Silver Lake Rd

Seabrook, NJ  08302-6013

Ph:  856-451-9400

Fax:  856-455-8514                          





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Publications and News

Aquaculture Magazine:


Fish Farmer Magazine:


Fish Farming News:


Washington Fish Growers Association


Government Aqencies

National Marine Fisheries Service:


US Army Corps of Engineers


United States Dept. of Agriculture:


USDA - National Agriculture Statistics Service:


USDA – Economic Research Service – Aquaculture Outlook:


US Food & Drug Administration – Center for Veterinary Medicine


International Organizations

Food and Agriculture Organization:


World Organization for Animal Health:


Professional and Trade Organizations

East Coast Shellfish Growers Association:


Food Marketing Institute:


Interstate Shellfish Sanitation Conference:


National Aquaculture Association:


National Association of State Aquaculture Coordinators


National Fisheries Institute (NFI):


United States Trout Farmer’s Association


World Aquaculture Society (WAS):


University Supported Sites

Aquatic Network Information Center (AquaNIC):


Northeast Regional Aquaculture Center:


Pond Dynamics/Aquaculture Collaborative Research Support Program (PD/A CRSP):


Seafood Network Information Center (SeafoodNIC):


Business Sites




Aquatic Network (AquaNET):





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Email: ______________________________________________________________________________________

Web site: ____________________________________________________________________________________

Aquaculture Products (also indicate stage/size [eg: egg, seed, fry, juveniles, fingerling, market size, broodstock):



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