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Organic Aquaculture Project

U.S. Sea Clam Meal as an Aquafeed Ingredient

Ethnic Live Seafood Market Study

Overview: Many live fish markets are located in and among ethnic communities, mainly of East Asian (Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese) origin. These consumers perceive value in consuming fish and seafood as fresh as possible, which requires products are purchased live.

In 2005, the New Jersey Department of Agriculture, in cooperation with Rutgers University, and the University of Delaware Sea Grant, was awarded $56,500 by the USDA – AMS - FSMIP Program to identify and expand market opportunities for fish and seafood products that are marketed live to the consumer. This project covers the entire Northeast Region of the USA.

Goal: The goal of this project is to learn more about how market operators and consumers view live seafood sales. We also want to stimulate the market chain by increasing awareness among the various participants: consumers, retailers, and producers.

Market Research: We visited live seafood markets and restaurants in and around Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. Participating markets completed a short survey about live seafood sales in their store. We also worked with a select number of markets to conduct in-store interviews with their customers to learn more about their preferences and trends.

Directory of Live Seafood Markets in the Northeastern USA: This directory will help consumers to better identify retailers where they can purchase live seafood. The title includes fifteen languages to help increase awareness among other cultures and ethnicities, who may be interested in buying live products, but may not be readily familiar with the existing live markets that are generally operated by and cater to East Asians.

Business Network Directory of Live Seafood
Working with the University of Delaware Sea Grant, have compiled a listing of producers (both commercial fishermen and aquaculturists) and buyers of live seafood products. This listing will help buyers better identify the availability of certain species and assist producers in locating markets that are closer or command a better price.

Ethnic Live Seafood Market Study Project Results:
The Final Report for the entire project includes information on the market operator survey and the consumer research portions of the study. For an overview of the results of this market research, please view the presentation (requires PowerPoint) given at the 2007 National Association of State Aquaculture Coordinators (NASAC) Conference. For results on only the consumer research portion of the study, please view the presentation given at Aquaculture America 2008.


Rutgers University Cooperative Extension Service

University of Delaware Sea Grant

FSMIP Grant Press Release

USDA - FSMIP Program

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