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Message from the Task Force Chair

For most working Americans, saving for retirement and paying for healthcare would be nearly impossible without a benefits package from their employer. Few people could afford to pay out of their pockets for a hospital stay. And not many seniors could retire
without a long-term savings plan. There is no question that benefits
are important to our personal health and success, as well as to the health and success of our state and nation.

Acting Governor Richard J. Codey and I recognize that the benefits
New Jersey provides to its public employees have been well earned and negotiated through collective bargaining agreements. We also understand that an attractive benefits package is important to recruiting and retaining talented workers.

Over the past few months, the Benefits Review Task Force, established by the Acting Governor, held a series of meetings across the state to gather input from the public on how to improve the state's current pension and health care programs. The result of these meetings is the Task Force's Final Report, released on December 1, 2005.

In addition to gathering public input, the task force examined current laws, regulations and procedures governing the benefits system. It studied inequities, anomalies and irregularities as well as abuses that exist within the current structure. The task force made recommendations on how to manage the cost of benefits, while ensuring a fair and equitable system.

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Philip Murphy



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