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County: Bergen

Secondary Hearing Impaired Program (SHIP) at Midland Park

c/o Midland Park High School
250 Prospect Street
Midland Park, NJ 07432-1803

Contact Information: Ms. Kathleen Treni, Program Supervisor

Phone: (201) 343-6000 Ext: (201) 670-6198

E-Mail Address: 25
Web Address: 14

Operated by: Bergen County Special Services

Enrollment: 21
Age Range: The Secondary Hearing Impaired Program offers a continuum of program options: full time placements in regular education programs with related services. A consultative teaching model is used to support general education teachers and small group instruction. Exploratory and support classes are available and taught by a teacher of the deaf. All academic and extracurricular activities are accessible to students who are deaf with the support of the appropriate related services and accommodations. CART provides equal access for students in need of support. FM systems and other assistive devices are available to students, as needed. to

Program Description: