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County: Bergen

Hackensack High School Secondary Program for Students with Hearing Loss

334 Union St.
Hackensack, NJ 07601-2449

Contact Information: Dr. Candi Reed, Supervisor of Total Communication Programs

Phone: (201) 343-6000 Ext: (201) 343-7794

E-Mail Address: 12
Web Address: 15-18

Operated by: Bergen County Special Services

Age Range: The Hackensack High School Program for Students who are deaf/hard of hearing is a program operated by the Bergen County Speical Services School district and located in Hackensack High School. It serves students ages 15-21. They are supported in the general education programs using a teacher consultant model with a teacher of the deaf. Extensive planning with general education teachers and related services personnel is a critical component of the program. Educational interpreters and student notetakers also support students in the general education programs according to the individualized education program. to

Program Description: