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County: Burlington

Summit Speech School South

@Mansfield Elementary School
200 Mansfield Road East
Columbus, NJ 08022-

Contact Information: Dr. Pamela Paskowitz, Executive Director

Phone: (908) 508-0011 Ext: (908) 508-0012

E-Mail Address: 3
Web Address: 3

Operated by: APSSD-Summit Speech School South

Enrollment: 6
Age Range: Summit Speech School teaches children who are deaf or hard of hearing to listen and talk. Our goal is to prepare children to enter the general education program in their neighborhood school by kindergarten or first grade. A full-day preschool program that follows the New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards is offered Monday -Friday. The focus of the program is to train the children to use their hearing to process language and develop speech. Staff members possess specialized skills in working with students with hearing devices. Five speech therapy classes per week are offered, along with speech therapy practices integrated into the classroom curriculum throughout the day. Access to an education audiologist is also available. to

Program Description: