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State Aid Allocable To All School Districts, 2011
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County: UNION

2009-2010 Formula Total Aid: $1,480,672

Equalization Aid: $0
Education Adequacy Aid: $0
Choice Aid: $0
Transportation Aid: $0
Special Education Categorical Aid: $0
Security Aid: $0
Adjustment Aid: $0
Preschool Education Aid: $0
2010-2011 Formula Total Aid: $0
Formula Aid Change: $-1,480,672
% Formula Aid Change: -100.0%
2009-2010 General Fund Budget: $32,260,993
Formula Aid Changes as % of General Fund Budget: -4.59%
Other Aid*: $2,768,677

2010-2011 Formula & Other Aid: $2,768,677

State Aid Retroactively Allocable To Districts and Debt Service, 2011 for NEW PROVIDENCE BORO

*Other Aid Includes Estimates of TPAF, FICA, 2010 Extraordinary Aid, and 2011 Debt Service.