The Procurement Division makes sure that taxpayer dollars are protected by ensuring that contracts are competitively bid and are held to high standards of fairness and transparency in order to avoid waste, cronyism, and corruption. OSC’s Procurement team reviews contracts involving local governments, including municipalities, school districts, and counties, state colleges and universities, state agencies, and independent state authorities. The Division provides guidance to contracting units to ensure that the contracting process complies with applicable law, rules, and regulations under strict statutory time limitations.

The Division is staffed by attorneys specializing in public contract law. OSC’s attorneys review public agency procurements exceeding $2.5 million from more than 1,900 public entities in New Jersey. For contracts valued at $12.5 million or more, public entities must also submit them for OSC’s review and approval prior to advertising the potential procurement.

The Procurement Division also reviews procurements related to New Jersey’s recovery from the COVID-19 crisis valued at more than $150,000. The Division then posts those contracts publicly.

Waste or Abuse

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Waste or Abuse
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