State of New Jersey
Department of Corrections
"Protecting Public Safety by Changing Offender Behavior"
Acting Commissioner
                         Victoria L. Kuhn, Esq.

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Aliases: Other known names.

Case no.: The number associated with the commitment paper.

Commitment Order - The commitment order is the indictment or accusation number that is assigned to a criminal case by the Prosecutor's Office.

Counts - Refers to the number of separate crimes for which an inmate has been convicted.

County of Commitment - This is the venue in which the inmate was tried, convicted and sentenced.  In almost all cases, this will be the county in which the crime was committed.

Current Facility: Current location of the offender.

Current Max Release Date: This date represents the most recent calculated release date based on days earned off the sentence and days added to the date as a result of negative institutional conduct. This date can be expected to be different at the end of each month.

Current Parole Eligibility Date: This date represents the most recent expected date of release based on the State Parole Board's calculation policy and procedures.

Current Prison Sentence History: Contains the sentencing information for this offender's most recent incarceration.

Date In-Custody: Date admitted to custody.

Date Out-of-Custody: Date released from custody.

Degree - The degree of a crime refers to its severity level.  The range of degrees extends from first degree (1), which is the most severe, through fourth degree (4), which is the least severe.

Eye Color: Eye color at the time of admission.

Furlough - nonviolent offenders, who meet the strict guidelines established by the Department of Corrections are allowed to leave the institution setting for a day or two without DOC supervision.

Hair Color: Hair color at the time of admission.

Halfway House - Community based residential setting for offenders who meet the strict guidelines established by the Department Of Corrections.

Height: Height at the time of admission.

Incarceration History: Contains the periods of time in custody for this offender's most recent incarceration.

Initial Admission Date: The most recent incarceration date.

Mandatory Minimum Term - This represents the length of the mandatory minimum term imposed by the sentencing judge.  An offender is not eligible to be released from custody before he or she has satisfied this term, minus any court-awarded credits.

Maximum Term - This represents the total term to which an offender has been sentenced.  The inmate will remain under the jurisdiction of the Department of Corrections or the State Parole Board until he or she has satisfied this term.  This term is subject to reduction by court-ordered credits as well as work, minimum and commutation credits awarded and/or earned by the inmate.

Offense - The offense is the crime for which the inmate was convicted of committing.  It consists of the citation from the penal code (N.J.S.A. 2C code) and the accompanying verbal description.

Offense Date - The offense date represents the date a crime occurred.  If an offense was committed over multiple dates, only the latest date will be displayed.

SBI Number: State identification number assigned to offender.

Sentence: The amount of years, months and days imposed by the court.

Sentence Date - The sentence date is the date the inmate appeared before the judge to be sentenced for the crimes he or she was convicted of committing.

Sentence As: Name offender is known by on the current commitment order

Sex: Sex of offender (male, female, or both)

Weight: Weight at the time of admission

Work Release - nonviolent offenders, who meet the strict guidelines established by this agency, pursuant to N.J.A.C. 10A:9-4.6 working in the community being supervised by his/her employer. Note: there are also community based details that are supervised by a Uniformed DOC Custody Officer (Highway Detail)