Paying an Invoice as a Non-Registered Service

You may be a registered or non-registered DCA RIMS User to use this function.

       Under the Non-Registered Services tab, click Pay an Invoice.

       Enter the invoice number you are paying.

       Click Search.

       Select the desired invoice from the search results.

       Click Continue

       At the Payment Summary screen, click Pay with Credit Card or Pay with eCheck.

Pay with Credit Card

       Complete the Customer Billing Information

       Click Continue

       Review the information you entered

       If any of it is incorrect—

       Click Edit

       Correct the information

       Click Continue

       When you have verified that the information is correct, click Continue

       Click Make Payment

       You may print the Payment Confirmation page for your records

       Click Continue

Pay with eCheck

       On the Make Payment by eCheck screen, select No to answer the question “Will the funds for the payment come from an account outside the United States?”

The State of New Jersey cannot accept electronic payments from accounts outside of the United States. Payments from foreign accounts cannot be made electronically. You must use a domestic account.

       Enter information in the fields.

       Click Continue when finished.

       Check the information on the Review Payment Information screen.

       If the information is correct, Authorize Payment.

       If the payment information is not correct

       Use the navigation bar on the left side of the screen to go back to either the Payment Summary or eCheck Payment screen.

       Correct the information.

       To print a copy for your records, click Printer Friendly Version at the upper right corner.

       The Printer Friendly Version of the Payment Confirmation screen will display in a new browser tab.  Navigate back to the RIMS Online browser tab through which the payment was made.

       Review the Payment Confirmation screen and click Return.

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