Requesting Access to DCA SAGE

DCA will not consider requests for access to DCA SAGE by anyone other than an agency’s highest executive. If your agency is not registered in the DCA SAGE system and you are the highest executive in your organization, go to the DCA SAGE login screen at on the Internet (or, go to the NJ DCA Home Page and click the DCA SAGE icon).

·        At the DCA SAGE login screen, click the Request SAGE Access hyperlink (in the Login box)

You will be taken to the Access Request Information screen

·        Type in your name and email address in the appropriate fields

·        Enter information about your agency in the remaining fields (Fields marked with a red asterisk [*] are mandatory)

·        Click Save

When your agency’s information is successfully transmitted to the system, you will be returned to the DCA SAGE login screen.

When DCA receives and verifies your information, you will get an email with a Username and Password for your Agency Authorized Official.

If the name of your agency is currently in the DCA SAGE database, you will receive the error message “Agency name already exists. DCA SAGE will not allow two agencies with the same name.” This message means that your agency may already be registered to use DCA SAGE or NJ may have another agency with the same name as yours. If you get this message, contact the DCA SAGE Help Desk.

·        To login to DCA SAGE, at, enter your Username and Password and click Login

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