DCA RIMS will be offline for routine maintenance on Friday October 23,2020 starting 5:00pm


The NJDCA online system can be accessed via the myNewJersey Portal at http://www.nj.gov, or accessed directly from this page by selecting "Login to RIMS Online" at the navigation bar to the right. You will be required to have a myNewJersey Portal account in order to access RIMS' online services. If you do not have a myNewJersey Portal account, you will be able to create one during the registration process.  You will also be able to use this same myNewJersey account to access other services provided by other New Jersey Departments.

RIMS Online offers two different types of services offered below:

does not require RIMS Online or myNewJersey account creation and can be accessed without logging in:
requires users to create a RIMS Online and myNewJersey account:
Pay a Paper Invoice 
(certain invoice types are not available
for online payment) 

View Registered Services
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Apply for CSDCMAC (Smoke Detector) Certification