The Liquefied Petroleum Gas Education and Safety Board meets quarterly to advise the Department on the enforcement of the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety Act. The LP Gas Education and Safety Board has provided valuable advice to the Department regarding the liquefied gas facility inspection program and has made recommendations on amendments to the liquefied petroleum gas safety regulations.

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  • Board Members
    William P. Curcio, Chair LPG Industry 1
    Michael Merrill LPG Industry 2
    Robert Zander Public Member/Fire Safety
    Gene Dougherty Gas Public Utility
    Vacant LPG Industry 3
    Thomas A. Leahy LPG Industry 4
    Vacant Consumer Group
    Vacant Public Member
    Gerard Stocker LPG Industry 5
    Chuck Feinberg Environmental Community
    Louis Kilmer Public Member/Fire Safety

    All meetings are held at the DCA building located at 101 South Braod Street, Trenton.  Meetings start at 1:30 p.m. and are located in conference room 129.

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  • 2022 Board Meetings
    To be determined...
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  • 2021 Board Meetings
    No meetings
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  • Older Board Meetings
    2020 - 2018 -- No meetings
    2017 - 2014
    2013 - 2012 -- No meetings
    2011 - 2005
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